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Found 2 results

  1. PlanB

    New Scam

  2. DoNothing1454

    Hilarious Scam Attempt

    So I was requested by a few people to post the scam that I was just contacted with. I hope it gives you guys some laughs. Part 1: (Comments by me are added with a //) //dont know why this is all in bold, but im too lazy to fix it DoNothingBecauseScience: Hey SMASH: hi mate SMASH: still up for trading unusual mate? DoNothingBecauseScience: Yes im trading it DoNothingBecauseScience: 55-60 keys pure or item overpa DoNothingBecauseScience: overpay* SMASH: i have good offer pure 70keys ? SMASH: deal? DoNothingBecauseScience: sure send me a trade SMASH: hold on SMASH: do you have a mobile authentacator ? DoNothingBecauseScience: yes SMASH: okay SMASH: btw can i ask you something mate? DoNothingBecauseScience: sure SMASH: where did you get your unusual mate? DoNothingBecauseScience: i bought it from a friend who unboxed it SMASH: okay SMASH: do you know verifying items? DoNothingBecauseScience: no DoNothingBecauseScience: well, yes DoNothingBecauseScience: my items are already verified SMASH: who verified it? SMASH: im scared SMASH: i want safe DoNothingBecauseScience: [The name of a friend of mine] DoNothingBecauseScience: Verified Steam Rep Admin SMASH: give me his link DoNothingBecauseScience: sure DoNothingBecauseScience: [my profile link] SMASH: okay. i just want to make sure if your unusual if is clean or not SMASH: can we both undergo now to checking items verification trading by helping some official? DoNothingBecauseScience: well if its already verified then we dont need to again SMASH: okay i just want to make sure here mate that i am safe with you here in the trade DoNothingBecauseScience: its already verified SMASH: because i dont want to experience the same thing that happened to me the last time i traded i was ♥♥♥♥ed up SMASH: hope you understand my concern DoNothingBecauseScience: well its already verified so shot me a trade SMASH: can we both undergo now to checking items verification trading by helping some official? DoNothingBecauseScience: no its already been verified by someone official SMASH: i not furcing you mate DoNothingBecauseScience: how about we use csgolotto instead? SMASH: I'M REALLY BEING CAREFUL. I will just send you the offer of the item we've dealed once I got the assurance from Valve if the item I will be receiving from you is safe. I will never trade with you if you got those unsafe items. DoNothingBecauseScience: but i already had two valve emploies verify it DoNothingBecauseScience: cant we just use csgolotto to do the trade SMASH: i am scared mate] DoNothingBecauseScience: no need to i already showed you the admins that verified it SMASH: we can make sure mate DoNothingBecauseScience: we can make sure bert instead SMASH: we make admin mate DoNothingBecauseScience: how do we make an admin? SMASH: can we both undergo Item Verification by Valve Officials first just to have assurance if we are really trading safe items? DoNothingBecauseScience: but i thought we were making an admin? SMASH: we gonna call them SMASH: to verify our items\ SMASH: ok? DoNothingBecauseScience: who we gonna call? SMASH: yes DoNothingBecauseScience: ghostbusters? SMASH: what do u mean? DoNothingBecauseScience: you asked who we were going to call DoNothingBecauseScience: you know the song right? SMASH: its Jericho DoNothingBecauseScience: Dont you know the song? //Here a "Admin" joined in. Your chat with SMASH is now a multi-user chat. Jericho-Moderator™ entered chat. DoNothingBecauseScience: If there's something strange in you neighborhood Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) If there's something weird And it don't look good Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) I ain't afraid of no ghost I ain't afraid of no ghost If you're seeing things running through your head Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) An invisible man Sleeping in your bed Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) I ain't afraid of no ghost I ain't afraid of no ghost Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) If you're all alone Pick up the phone And call ghostbusters I ain't afraid of no ghost I hear it likes the girls I ain't afraid of no ghost Yeah yeah yeah yeah Who ya gonna call? (ghostbusters) If you've had a dose of a freaky ghost baby You better call, ghostbusters Jericho-Moderator™: Hello Traders! DoNothingBecauseScience: Ghostbusters? SMASH: hellow sir DoNothingBecauseScience: youve never heard the song before? Jericho-Moderator™: Hey. What do you mean? DoNothingBecauseScience: oh SMASH didnt know the song "Ghostbusters" Jericho-Moderator™: How may i assist you both in here? DoNothingBecauseScience: so i was posting the lyrics for him Jericho-Moderator™: Are you doubting us here DoNothingBecauseScience Jericho-Moderator™: ? Jericho-Moderator™: I am here talking why did you not listen to me? DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? I was just explaining the song "Ghost Busters" DoNothingBecauseScience: Sheesh Jericho-Moderator™: What do you mean? DoNothingBecauseScience: ok whatever. What are we doing? Jericho-Moderator™: How may i assist both of you in here? SMASH: can u verify our items please? SMASH: we want safe Jericho-Moderator™: Alright. SMASH. Do you agree about this DoNothing? DoNothingBecauseScience: you want a safe? DoNothingBecauseScience: I would recomment the SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Safe Jericho-Moderator™: You're safe here DoNothing. DoNothingBecauseScience: very high quallity Jericho-Moderator™: Are you doubting us here DoNothing? DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? DoNothingBecauseScience: You guys wanted a safe DoNothingBecauseScience: i recommended a safe Jericho-Moderator™: Both of you. Contact me for help. Jericho-Moderator™: Why are you doubting me? DoNothingBecauseScience: Im not doubting you DoNothingBecauseScience: i already contacted you for help DoNothingBecauseScience: whats the issue here? Jericho-Moderator™: Do you agree about verified the items? DoNothingBecauseScience: i want his keys verified as well DoNothingBecauseScience: i want to make sure his keys are clean and unboxed Jericho-Moderator™: Yes. I'm gonna verified his keys. Jericho-Moderator™: Alright. I will do that DoNothing. Jericho-Moderator™: Both of you traders. Kindly turn on your Mobile Authenticator. DoNothingBecauseScience: wait SMASH: oky sir wait SMASH: let me get my phone DoNothingBecauseScience: i want to know if his keys are unboxed DoNothingBecauseScience: did you unbox the keys SMASH or did you trade for them? SMASH: i trade it DoNothingBecauseScience: thats not going to work then Jericho-Moderator™: Alright. DoNothingBecause. Turn on your Mobile Authenticator. Please! DoNothingBecauseScience: it is DoNothingBecauseScience: but im not trading unless he gets keys that he unboxed DoNothingBecauseScience: cause ive had bad experiences with traded ones SMASH: i dont understand Jericho-Moderator™: DoNothing. Kindly turn on your Mobile Authenticator. I didnt see your Mobile Authenticator. SMASH: i unboxed 90 keys DoNothingBecauseScience: i want the keys to have been unboxed SMASH: but those keys i trade DoNothingBecauseScience: did you trade for those keys? SMASH: is there any problem? SMASH: yes DoNothingBecauseScience: did you trade for the keys that you used to unbox? SMASH: but the 90 keys is unboxed SMASH: no no SMASH: i just unbox 90 keys last night DoNothingBecauseScience: thats not going to work then DoNothingBecauseScience: the keys need to be super pure Jericho-Moderator™: DoNothing. You didnt on your Mobile Authenticator. SMASH: it is DoNothingBecauseScience: im going to need you to verify the keys through a different admin if thats ok Jericho-Moderator™: I'm gonna check his keys DoNothing. Jericho-Moderator™: Dont worried. I'm with it. DoNothingBecauseScience: I want my own admin to check if thats ok DoNothingBecauseScience: My dad is Ga ben, so I have connections Jericho-Moderator™: Okay, then stop trolling me. Jericho-Moderator™: For ♥♥♥♥ sake. Jericho-Moderator™ left chat. DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? SMASH left chat. I added the "admin" again shortly after they both unfriended me. SMASH ended up blocking me. Part 2: DoNothingBecauseScience: Hey Jericho-Moderator™: Adding for what? DoNothingBecauseScience: You left the chat i was in earlier? DoNothingBecauseScience: with SMASH? DoNothingBecauseScience: it was odd? Jericho-Moderator™: Yes. I left because you're trolling. DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? Jericho-Moderator™: To me. DoNothingBecauseScience: Trolling? DoNothingBecauseScience: how?? Jericho-Moderator™: Yes. You're DoNothingBecauseScience: I thought we were getting my items verified? Jericho-Moderator™: I do my work not talking too much. You just tell that you will contact your own admin. DoNothingBecauseScience: Its kinda annoying because i lost my trade now Jericho-Moderator™: Why do you add me for?. I'm very busy. Jericho-Moderator™: Is there any problem? DoNothingBecauseScience: i said i wanted to have my own check his items DoNothingBecauseScience: can you check mine again DoNothingBecauseScience: invite SMASH back in if possible? Jericho-Moderator™: I can check his items. And check your items. Jericho-Moderator™: I just check his keys. But all good. Jericho-Moderator™: I need to verified your items right now. DoNothingBecauseScience: Can i get a screenshot? DoNothingBecauseScience: like an imgur link or something? Jericho-Moderator™: He declined it. DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? DoNothingBecauseScience: Declined what? Jericho-Moderator™: As i said. 3 minutes. Before you will cancel the trade. Jericho-Moderator™: I'm gonna verified your items. Okay? DoNothingBecauseScience: Im really confused DoNothingBecauseScience: Can i see that you verified his items? Jericho-Moderator™: I deleted it all. Jericho-Moderator™: Sorry. DoNothingBecauseScience: Just take a screenshot and post it to imgur and send the link DoNothingBecauseScience: cant you go back and see it? DoNothingBecauseScience: you are a steam admin DoNothingBecauseScience: i just wont feel comfortable without knowing Jericho-Moderator™: If you do not trust me. Then i'm going to back unfriend you. I'm wasting time. DoNothingBecauseScience: Ok fine whatever Jericho-Moderator™: Just contact me if you want me to verified your items. DoNothingBecauseScience: but if im get duped items ill have your job DoNothingBecauseScience: yah i want my item verified Jericho-Moderator™: Alright. Send your offers here : [trade link] Jericho-Moderator™: I wont accept your offer. Your item wil be stay on your inventory Understood? DoNothingBecauseScience: but why am i trading it then if its staying on my profile? Jericho-Moderator™: It will be just Pending Offer. So that Steam DataBase. Will verified it. Jericho-Moderator™: I wont accept any offer that i recieved. DoNothingBecauseScience: but im sending the offer to you? Jericho-Moderator™: Yes. DoNothingBecauseScience: ill send it to you instead if thats ok? Jericho-Moderator™: Just send it here if your items will be verified [trade link] DoNothingBecauseScience: hmm ok if you say so Jericho-Moderator™: Dont forgot to accept it on your Mobile Authenticator. Jericho-Moderator™: Okay? DoNothingBecauseScience: Confirming now DoNothingBecauseScience: all sent Jericho-Moderator™: What item do you sent? DoNothingBecauseScience: The unusual Tough Stuff Muffs // I sent a single Gel Drop from Spiral Knights to the scam account Jericho-Moderator™: Its not your Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs. I'ts 1 Gel Drop. Jericho-Moderator™: Are you trolling me here. DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? OH DoNothingBecauseScience: wait DoNothingBecauseScience: sorry Jericho-Moderator™: Dont waste my time here please! DoNothingBecauseScience: im thinking of a different trade DoNothingBecauseScience: yah this trade was for the 1 gel drop DoNothingBecauseScience: is it clean? Jericho-Moderator™: Yes it is. DoNothingBecauseScience: ok great Jericho-Moderator™: I'm going to decline it. Okay? DoNothingBecauseScience: sure DoNothingBecauseScience: have SMASH send me a trade now Jericho-Moderator™: Alright. Send your Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs. So that it will be verified. DoNothingBecauseScience: no that wasnt the item that was part of the trade DoNothingBecauseScience: we didnt need that item verified DoNothingBecauseScience: the trade was the 1 gel drop Jericho-Moderator™: No. Its not. Jericho-Moderator™: Stop trolling me here. DoNothingBecauseScience: yeah it was DoNothingBecauseScience: im not trolling Jericho-Moderator™: SMASH told me that your offer of him is Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs. DoNothingBecauseScience: im being completely serious here DoNothingBecauseScience: do you have proof? Jericho-Moderator™: Trader. You dont need to worried. DoNothingBecauseScience: because we were discussing the gel drop DoNothingBecauseScience: im possitive here Jericho-Moderator™: No. I'ts Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs DoNothingBecauseScience: i can get proof if you need Jericho-Moderator™: I can screenshot for that. DoNothingBecauseScience: give me a minute and ill put it on imgur if needed DoNothingBecauseScience: I swear to you it was 1 gel drop for 70 keys Jericho-Moderator™: I know the price. He is not stupid. If you just troll me here. DoNothingBecauseScience: Gel Drop is really rare DoNothingBecauseScience: ?? DoNothingBecauseScience: so im trolling because SMASH offered 70 keys on a gel drop? Jericho-Moderator™: Goodbye and enjoy your day. DoNothingBecauseScience: why DoNothingBecauseScience: just tell SMASH to send me a trade DoNothingBecauseScience: cause he blocked me for some reason? Jericho-Moderator™: I need to verified your Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs. Before he trade to you. DoNothingBecauseScience: thats not the item! Jericho-Moderator™: Dont worried man. Your item will be stay on your inventory. DoNothingBecauseScience: we are going in circles here DoNothingBecauseScience: It was a Gel Drop DoNothingBecauseScience: thats the item we agreed on DoNothingBecauseScience: thats the item we contacted you for Jericho-Moderator™: As i told you. Before SMASH will trade with you he just tell me that. I'm gonna verified your Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs. Before both of you will gonna trade. DoNothingBecauseScience: THATS DoNothingBecauseScience: NOT DoNothingBecauseScience: THE DoNothingBecauseScience: ITEM Jericho-Moderator™: If you dont want me to verified it. DoNothingBecauseScience: IT WAS A GEL DROP Jericho-Moderator™: Then goobye. If you're doubting me. Jericho-Moderator™ is now Offline. Hope you enjoyed. Im not sure if im allowed to link them for maybe you guys to mess around with, but ill leave them out.