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  1. Refrigerator

    Trade Server Rule Board

    To address the first point, the main reason on why the rules are left a bit loose are due to the fact that you can make a loophole around anything. Sure rewriting the rules to be word for word can be possible however people will always find issues with it. Naturally you can't expect someone to write every single possible offense so that their are not loop holes. At the end of the day, people who want to troll and mess with people will always do their thing, its just simple facts really. We definitely can do a better job at training our admins to be consistent but at the end of the day, everyone has a different tolerance. We aren't here to make a government but a community that can be fun. Regarding the second comment made by @Kai64its pretty obvious that you are just salty about your ban on which I would encourage you to appeal here. Its a much better place to voice your opinion toward the admins. If you have an issue with how the server is being run, please bring it up to one of the admins that you consider "chill". We'll try to watch our egos
  2. Refrigerator

    Limegay | trade.tf

    Hi Lime, Can you please provide proof that you repaid your spycrab dues with screenshots as well as a conversation with the individual?
  3. Refrigerator

    Limegay | trade.tf

    Hi Lime, Can you please provide proof that you repaid your spycrab dues with screenshots as well as a conversation with the individual?
  4. Refrigerator

    Jessica The Girl Gamer

    Hi Jessie, What's your schedule look like? Last time you said you were working (I think once you told me it was retail). What time zone are you in? In the past you have been caught in some drama, how do you plan to adapt if selected as trial? Main reason I ask this is that in EGC we don't hold any specific views regarding hot topics in society (i.e. guns, politics, LGBTQ). We've had an issue in the past of admins imposing their beliefs on others due to them no agreeing with the same views as that admin. Do you feel you are ready to be impartial with people regardless of their views? Feel free to Pm me if you have any questions or want to chat.
  5. Refrigerator


    Hi Zengo, Whats your schedule like? Are you working, school, etc? What time zone are you in?
  6. Refrigerator


    Hi R3d, You said you have online class from 12pm to 12am PST, would you agree that's during the peak time of the US west? How do you anticipate being active? You have some recent mutes from admins regarding toxicity, how do you plan on adapting if selected as a trial?
  7. Refrigerator

    loli General Sliku

    Hi Sliku, A couple of questions: You said you are an admin on many other servers. If trial was given to you, how do you anticipate to spread your time over several servers? We typically prefer admins who are admins on one server because of this. One of our requirements is to be a donator. Do you anticipate to become a donator anytime soon? Final Question: What does your schedule look like? You said you're 16, are you in school, extracirriculars, or sports? We'll give you 2 weeks to respond, after that we'll close the application.
  8. Refrigerator


    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Refrigerator

    22 days 'till Avengers 4

    Obvious attempt at being racist is obvious. Looks like he has binds for this stuff. User has been gagged for a day. Thanks for the report.
  10. @hazz69mcpie IDK if you saw but last year the half life 3 script was leak and its confirmed as a cancelled project for valve. Overwatch brigette - caused many players to quit the game. Game was great before her. Pubg - released Sanhok Jungle and Videnki Snow Maps this year which revived the game. Black Ops 4 - can be pretty fun with friends and black out is fun. Rainbow 6 Siege - released some awesome operators such as Alibi, Maestro, Maverick,Clash, Kaid, Nomad Islands of Nyne - super strong for a good for 3 weeks until the recent shut down 2 weeks ago. Smash Ultimate - played it and its super fun with friends. Some MEMEs of 2018 Do you know de wei? Alexa, Play Despacito Kids eating Tide Pods Change my Mind Infinity War Disintegration And Many others
  11. Refrigerator


    Applicant doesn't meet the minimum criteria of being a donator or enough hours. Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. Refrigerator


    Hi Draco, Please answer the following questions: How old are you? Are you a current donator on the server? How many hours on tf2 do you have? Do you play any other community games? (CSGO, minecraft, Overwatch, etc) Do you possess any coding skills? (i.e. python, html, Linux etc) Finally, you didn't cover this on the application but why do you feel qualified to be an admin? Additionally please make your steam profile public so that we can see your stats. Thanks!
  13. Refrigerator


    Means you’re staying banned. I'm now locking this post.
  14. Refrigerator


    Means you’re staying banned. I'm now locking this post.
  15. Refrigerator


    Life finds a way. Your computer user name is interesting, MIXMLGGAMING. With a simple google search, Youve been banned from a known hacking site. Good try my dude. Liars never prosper. Lucas, you may re-appeal in 6 months.