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  1. KeRRR

    bass pro shop

    Stop acting so entitled. A mod witnessed and recorded your whole spycrab. You constantly kept eluding to Marijuana's requests to pay up, stating you had issues with your trade. You called him a hacker and stated to not spycrab with Marijuana before disconnecting. You must understand, whether that incident was intentional or a series of unfortunate circumstances, it is our job to protect the members of this community, to operate with transparency and take fraud seriously. The evidence clearly shows you not paying your dues. The reason we have an appeal process is to give the accused a chance to challenge their ban and/or provide evidence to the contrary of what is being stated. You could have come here, linked marijuana's profile and stated you paid him back with screenshot proof of your trade history. Instead you came in here whinging and demeaning staff for doing their job. When a report is made, we analyze the evidence and if found guilty, a punishment is issued. You can make a new appeal (with a better attitude) where you link the victim (or get him to comment), showing proof you have paid him for that crab, until then, your ban will remain! Report against you:
  2. KeRRR

    Karl (spooge)

    Changed Status to Accepted
  3. KeRRR

    Lunar Scythe

    Changed Status to Accepted
  4. KeRRR

    Lunar Scythe

    Hey @LunarScythe Good to see you again, you have always been a character around the community and are a familiar face. Considering all your past experience and your interest, limaaa and I have decided to put you into this round of trial applicants. I believe you shouldn't have much of an issue catching up.
  5. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. KeRRR


    Reviewed the demo. User is definitely wall hacking. You can see him trace the spy and heavy through walls, as well as shoot an invisible spy. User also has a brand new, private steam account. User has been permanently banned!
  7. KeRRR

    white warrior

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. KeRRR

    white warrior

    User is clearly hacking, walls + silent aim. Also noted user is in nullcore group and relatively new steam account. User has been permanently banned!
  9. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. KeRRR


    Recorded a demo of score and witnessed the accused disconnecting, good job. The accused has been permanently banned until he pays his winnings to the victim.
  11. KeRRR

    Yamcha Returns

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. KeRRR


    I'll give you credit for being transparent and owning your mistakes. We do not take cheating lightly here, as it ruins the game for the players who have worked hard to be skilled at it. In saying that, you are taking accountability and your ban was on 5/09/19. You have been un-banned, please read our rules and abide by them to avoid any future infractions.
  14. KeRRR

    Mr Sec(c) | Quicksell.store

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. KeRRR

    Mr Sec(c) | Quicksell.store

    You were banned for spycrab fraud in 2015. You can rectify this issue by paying back the victim (if you can find them) and making an appeal proving this. Best of luck!