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    Even though I have only been on this server for a short amount of time compared to others, I feel like it has been my go-to spot to chill and hangout with others. Since I’m not too big into trading, I mostly spend my time socializing which often leads to me interrupting trades on the mic, which I try not to do but evidently (26 mutes/gags), I haven’t been successful in doing. Initially, I was muted for micspam (talking loudly into mic for comedic effect) and was doomed to sit quiet for 60 minutes by red^. This is fair, totally respected, I was being a goofball and got what I deserved. However, I was later muted/gagged for an insane period of 3 months by Jaesuki. I understand that bans/mutes/gags work on an incremental basis, meaning they get worse as time goes which justifies this length of time, though it is really sad that I won’t be able to communicate with my friends (Huey, Tony, to name a few) while they’re having a good time and I’m forced to stay idle and not participate. This honestly hurts because they’re people I could see myself hanging out with IRL and yet I’m unable to on the server. But again, this isn’t an excuse, because 26 gags are an insane amount, on a daily basis, and I understand and have come to terms that I can be a belligerent asshole sometimes to others. Knowing is half the battle, and when I am given the opportunity to speak again, I will control myself in a way that others on the server will appreciate, while still hanging out with my friends. I fear I will be forgotten in the community, and I also fear I will be known for my infamy and affiliations with severely toxic individuals (I’ve taken steps to distance myself from them, toxicity is contagious) rather than the good times we’ve had. I can only plead so much, so I will end it here and leave it to your discretion. My sincerest apologies, hope to hear from you guys soon.