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  1. David_BTW

    Lunar Scythe

    Lunar for mod! We need a good loyal person who can be on when most cant. And this is the man for us.
  2. David_BTW


    Im appyling for mod because I love this server. I played on this server in 2015 and knew a lot of people back then. I just now recently booted up TF2 again and I fell back in love, and I was so happy to see that the server was alive and well. I've met many new people here and became a known regular in the community. I have a super clean reputation. Have been trading for years. Im semi-active in the discord, I watch for announcements and spend time in the voice chats to hangout with some of the members from time to time. I'm usually on the server everyday so I get most of the updates from other known members. I currently have 1800+ hours almost 1900 and currently put 14 days on the server in the last 2 months I am a donor and donated back in 2015, often give prizes out for events as well I will be turning 19 in less than a month I do work now but I normally get on after work anyways so the time im on ranges from about noon to after midnight est. All I want is for this server to live and prosper, and either I get accepted or not my plan was to always try and help when I can.