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    why bro
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    why bro
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    no i have skills of being an admin, but i previously did own a server for a week on gmod. i do a have a drawing tablet I am only 16 I currently have 3.2k+ hrs already on this game I am now active on the discord. I am currently a donor on egc my steam rep is good. I guess with my art skills, i could possibly make some drawings for this community and a maybe a new logo for this community too. but im just second guessing at this moment.
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    The person "Rice" is now under the name of "Snow" has backed out of a spycrab, here is my evidence. , right after i won the spy crab from 2-3. i notice that he started to disconnect, which said (rice has timed out), he also advertised himself wanting to spy crab, his first spy crab, he won and received his prize fair and square from a friend of mine. he then also advertised hes willing to do a key crab, i later then accepted the offer. then, after i won he left, he then rejoined with a different user id thinking he'll fool me. his username was under 'Snow" even others called out he left the server. this is him again, thinking we dont know its him, after we caught him he left the server again and never gave me the key i earned. please respond asap and get this marked thank you again egc for being a good community with chat logs.