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  1. Mecchi


    My steamrep is normal also don't have any vac ban friends if that even matters here is the link to my steamrep http://steamrep.com/search? I really didn't use discord that often but i am willing to use it more if that is required of me to do so and use it from now on until the end of time. Currently have 7,985 hrs played on this account which is my only and main account. I am also a donator on the server and play about everyday. i am currently 24 years of age.
  2. Mecchi


    4:28 when he left
  3. Mecchi


    TBH just having him muted is a real simple solution and blocking. No active punishment is required here.
  4. Mecchi


    Steam Rep : Approved Discord Activity : Browse through and sometimes active with the tf2/rust/anime/general tags. Hours : 500+ Donator : Lifetime + A little extra Age : 21 Looking to apply for staff to fill in the gaps of other staff timezone. Has previous staff experience from 2016-2017 as a Moderator/Admin for the (Long and Dead) Xenogamers. (Continued to teach/help newer moderators 2018) Somewhat know the admin commands. Has fair judgment for calling out (*Cough* Jae) cheaters / hackers. Weeb
  5. Mecchi

    Crispy Toast™

    -rep stole my face
  6. Mecchi

    Space Tank

  7. Mecchi

    Space Tank

  8. Mecchi

    Papa Waga

    0/10 doesn't aimbot
  9. Mecchi

    Papa Sun

    papa sun bullies me ;(
  10. Mecchi

    Alexeii - OwO♡ #9999

    Gamer B^)
  11. Mecchi


    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, what the f*ck, who names flowers after a color that's not its color.
  12. Well I donated Lifetime and hangout around a lot now. If you don't know who I'm don't worry; just dislike this post and call me a scammer f2p. For the other people who do know who I am... well Hello again and I'm sorry that you know me :^) Certified Weeb (Anime nights? Can we make that a thing?) Dumbass plays the, Team Idiots 2 Csgay Risk of Pain 2 Cancerious kids simulator 101 (Rust) What are you doing down here. Hecken nerd.
  13. Mecchi


    Please provide a detailed description of what happened. Include any screenshots or recordings. I feel like i deserve my old tag. Monager :^) Team_Fortress_2_2019_07.19_-_16_57_32_02_DVR.mp4
  14. Mecchi


    Ran from a 2 key spy crab