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    The reason why I want to be a EGC staff member is to help expand the community and create a safe environment for traders. I've been with EGC for a few years now, starting off as a donator then over time become a +lifetimer. As my time being on the US server , I could say knowing admins such as N!K , Munt3d , Rockso , Freakshow and Allanon . (Also Kerrr and Limaaa) who have made a tremendous impact for always making the server safe and being a great friend. As for this application I just wanted to say how great of a community this is and the friends I made over the past months. Hopefully my experience will inspire others to stay and trade with wonderful people. Thank you and I wish the best of luck to the other applicants !
  5. Dodgeball server all the way ! ? *deathrun gets boring wayyy to fast