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  1. red.


  2. fist

    would recommend to become a mod on the egc server 

  3. red.

    Connorplehs #Badmins

    Connor is banned for aimbot.
  4. red.


    Yes still interested, and have been since I applied.
  5. red.


    Obvious aimbot, wallhacks, and fake-lag script. Demo: 24433334443334.dem
  6. red.


    Obvious wallhack, aimbot, script hack, and posting random people's information (i.e. ip's, locations, postal codes, names) Demo: 2456626.dem
  7. red.


    Obvious cheating/aimbot. Plus a micspam to make it all better 🙂 Dem: 3424.dem (no specific tics just the whole dem)
  8. red.

    Twadsey | trade.tf

    If I may add @shadowcombat, You should add any screenshots or any type of evidence for their behavior or maybe a recording or demo. Also, you should also find their actual steam ID, not their steam URL. Which the actual ID would be STEAM_1:1:90842108 Just a heads-up for next time!
  9. red.


    Shooting invisible spies. Obvious aimbot / walls. Demo: lulwewe.dem (No specific tics, obvious during whole demo)
  10. red.


    Obvious aimbot / reflect hack. Demo: lulwew222.dem (No specific tics, obvious during whole demo)
  11. red.


    Hello @Refrigerator , I just now realized that the edit I mistakenly made is that I don't have online classes for 12 hours straight and that I'm also not taking any online classes anymore. Apologies for the late reply as well. I've also been learning over the past few months to becoming a more positive person, rather than being toxic and aggressive when things aren't going my way.
  12. Obvious racial slurs.
  13. red.


    Repeated offensive slur.
  14. red.

    Alpha #5

    Spamming chat when posting his trade advertisement in chat / Saying n-word. Demo: 2095.dem (N-Word) Important ticks: 270, 790, 3700, 4800,
  15. red.

    coolsans com

    Utterly spamming mic / interrupting trade advertisements. And maybe underage, not sure. Demo: demo1020.dem Important ticks: 1700 (loud), 2200, 3200, 4100-5300(interrupting trade ad.) 5400 Rest of the demo is quiet.