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    Even though I have only been on this server for a short amount of time compared to others, I feel like it has been my go-to spot to chill and hangout with others. Since I’m not too big into trading, I mostly spend my time socializing which often leads to me interrupting trades on the mic, which I try not to do but evidently (26 mutes/gags), I haven’t been successful in doing. Initially, I was muted for micspam (talking loudly into mic for comedic effect) and was doomed to sit quiet for 60 minutes by red^. This is fair, totally respected, I was being a goofball and got what I deserved. However, I was later muted/gagged for an insane period of 3 months by Jaesuki. I understand that bans/mutes/gags work on an incremental basis, meaning they get worse as time goes which justifies this length of time, though it is really sad that I won’t be able to communicate with my friends (Huey, Tony, to name a few) while they’re having a good time and I’m forced to stay idle and not participate. This honestly hurts because they’re people I could see myself hanging out with IRL and yet I’m unable to on the server. But again, this isn’t an excuse, because 26 gags are an insane amount, on a daily basis, and I understand and have come to terms that I can be a belligerent asshole sometimes to others. Knowing is half the battle, and when I am given the opportunity to speak again, I will control myself in a way that others on the server will appreciate, while still hanging out with my friends. I fear I will be forgotten in the community, and I also fear I will be known for my infamy and affiliations with severely toxic individuals (I’ve taken steps to distance myself from them, toxicity is contagious) rather than the good times we’ve had. I can only plead so much, so I will end it here and leave it to your discretion. My sincerest apologies, hope to hear from you guys soon.
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    it truly is a christmas miracle
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    Stop acting so entitled. A mod witnessed and recorded your whole spycrab. You constantly kept eluding to Marijuana's requests to pay up, stating you had issues with your trade. You called him a hacker and stated to not spycrab with Marijuana before disconnecting. You must understand, whether that incident was intentional or a series of unfortunate circumstances, it is our job to protect the members of this community, to operate with transparency and take fraud seriously. The evidence clearly shows you not paying your dues. The reason we have an appeal process is to give the accused a chance to challenge their ban and/or provide evidence to the contrary of what is being stated. You could have come here, linked marijuana's profile and stated you paid him back with screenshot proof of your trade history. Instead you came in here whinging and demeaning staff for doing their job. When a report is made, we analyze the evidence and if found guilty, a punishment is issued. You can make a new appeal (with a better attitude) where you link the victim (or get him to comment), showing proof you have paid him for that crab, until then, your ban will remain! Report against you:
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    Pretty obvious walls, can see spies fully cloaked (traced him through wall), couldn't figure out if he was aimbot but seemed like it on a couple shots. hacker6.dem
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    I mean this is pretty obvious, has to restrain himself from killing the spy invisible near him, just jumping about, Smg twitchy as hell. whitewarrior.dem
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    Well, so in the past i've been adicted to cheat which I know it is really wrong to ruin a game and yea people called me out and I would just laugh at them because like cheaters only want attention not just for stats for fun too and everything like but every day it was just the same options and I woould just stay in my room, looking at my screen for plenty of hours, but just one day I decided "but what if I play normal" and without loading my cheats I just started the game and play normal and yea I was kind of an idiot for me to cheat every day but not play the game for fun so I kept doing that as my own method to stop cheating and it worked, my last day that I cheated was on march 13th "I think" but close, so well I just don't know if I could get permission to get unbanned and I really apologize.
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    Hi @Karl I appreciate you taking some accountability for your actions, this ban may have been avoided if you had done so earlier (before 26 punishments). The reason you were muted temporarily and then upgraded to a 3 month silence from the servers was due to the facts listed below: Extensive infractions within a short time frame. Approached by staff and warned if you continued, your punishment would be escalated. Was given three day grace period where you accumulated multiple infractions after staff intervention. The whole point of a punishment is to teach a lesson and hold accountable the person(s) responsible. Punishment is not meant to be enjoyable and our staff feel it is fair given your extensive history. Due to COVID-19 we have reduced your punishment to 1 month silence on compassionate grounds. Take the time to reflect and better yourself, upon your vocal return, you will be welcome with open arms providing you change your attitude on our server(s).
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    Closing this as the user has already been banned.
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    Appreciate the application @sniperkingz, considering you only recently came back to the community and TF2, I recommend you get to know other players and current staff, maybe show some activity in the discord. We have had an influx of applicants, but would like to consider you for a future position. So will leave this up for now.
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    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    Your ban already expired so there is no need to make an appeal. Your ban was for one day. Using crashers or exploits to mess with the server or impact the experience of other players isn't tolerated. Using the demo function to overload the server is exploitation of a valve bug which is yet to be patched. Doing so will result in a ban or removal from the community. I suggest you alert doom and aussie to not do it either as it will simply result in a ban. Play nice, have fun!
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    i forgot to put in i am a FIrefighter (Volunteer) in Real life
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    Changed Status to Under Review Hi Abi, You were banned for using an alt/duplicate account to evade an aimbot ban. Please find the image attached which shows the original account, banned by our automated anti-cheat system. If you try to evade a ban by using an alt account, our automated services will detect it and add the original ban length to them.
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    this man deserves the rank of admin
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    waga gots this
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    my current age is 20 and I am not familiar with sourcemod
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    Donator: Lifetime Age: 21 Discord Activity: Taking a break SteamRep: approved
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    Yes still interested, and have been since I applied.
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    I am indeed still interested!
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    Changed Status to Under Review We will be reviewing applicants still eager to partake in moderating our TF2 server, who are active. If you are still interested, please reply to this message by the: 07/06/2020, otherwise we will be closing your application!
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    We will be reviewing applicants still eager to partake in moderating our TF2 server, who are active. If you are still interested, please reply to this message by the: 07/06/2020, otherwise we will be closing your application!
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    I agree with the idea of only having the video being recorded during events in which something that can be used as evidence occurs. Couldn't you have the footage be saved with a timestamp so that when someone reports something, they could give the relative time the event happened, and footage that wasn't requested by users for reports could be scrapped after X time. I don't think that would be too overwhelming, since only footage that's needed could be reviewed on request. Not 24/7 but only on certain events. + 1
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