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    Stop acting so entitled. A mod witnessed and recorded your whole spycrab. You constantly kept eluding to Marijuana's requests to pay up, stating you had issues with your trade. You called him a hacker and stated to not spycrab with Marijuana before disconnecting. You must understand, whether that incident was intentional or a series of unfortunate circumstances, it is our job to protect the members of this community, to operate with transparency and take fraud seriously. The evidence clearly shows you not paying your dues. The reason we have an appeal process is to give the accused a chance to challenge their ban and/or provide evidence to the contrary of what is being stated. You could have come here, linked marijuana's profile and stated you paid him back with screenshot proof of your trade history. Instead you came in here whinging and demeaning staff for doing their job. When a report is made, we analyze the evidence and if found guilty, a punishment is issued. You can make a new appeal (with a better attitude) where you link the victim (or get him to comment), showing proof you have paid him for that crab, until then, your ban will remain! Report against you:
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    Total BS, I had one run in with a misunderstanding a while ago with a user going under "Marijuana", but something happened to the trade when I left, and paid him back. That's the only instance I could see being the reason for this ban. And I've been back to the server several times sense then and Spycrabbed in front of SEVERAL Admins. What a retarded ban, go ♥♥♥♥ yourself kerr.
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