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    Hello! There are a lot of really good names running for mod right now, and I am throwing my name in the ring. I qualify for all the requirements in application. -My reputation is squeaky clean -I (currently) have over 4000 hours in game (1056 hours in EGC, have been a regular for more than 2 years now) -I am a donator -I regularly post on the official Discord to report those who aren't very fun -I am older than the specified age limit -I have never broken a single rule, and have never been disciplined (e.g. muted, banned) I don't have experience with SourceMod, but I am willing to learn. I am also very active on the TF2 server, and would be more than happy to help tidying the place up a bit (mainly taking care of the not-cool people). Don't want to make this too long, but I would like to be put in consideration for staff. Thank you for reading!
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