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    Current age : 23 Region : South Korea Time in-game : I had over 10k hours, but that was on my other account that got hijacked, I currently have 2400 hours in this (main)account Time available : I can go on literally any time I can. My work environment allows me to quickly access tf2 anytime. I can also alter my plans and solve some in-game problems. Me : I'm a dude who visits the EGC (US-WEST) server frequently. I'm basically here 24/7 and I'm known as vezzi. I have been a moderator a few times in Korean servers which are now dead. I'm very familiar with source mod admin commands. Reason for applying: I frequently see rule breakers (ex. micspaming players, cheaters) but unfortunately it takes time for an admin to get on. I'm on here every single weekdays(sometimes on weekends) so I will be able to deal with it asap. I tell rule breakers off when the admins are not online but I get verbly harassed 90 percent of the time. KeRRR : what we require :15+ years of age, mature, logical and can understand rules and how to convey them to the public, people person - someone who can communicate with others and get the point across without always using brute force. I'm in the box of requirements ( age, mature, can read the rules and can use my common sense to understand the rules ) but I cannot say that I don't result in peaceful measures. but I assure you I can get stuff done with minimal complaints in a short time ) I'm the most active person in the server because I don't really play anywhere but in this server. I'll be fair, useful and logical majority of the times. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and I'll hope for the very best. Thanks.
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