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    Hello, I am Crispy Toast™ and this going to be the first time I am applying for a staff position for this community. I've been a member of the EGC community for a while now and am a active and regular member of the Western EGC trade server. Most people on the server do recognize my name and I can confidently say that I have built up quite a friend group on that server. Although I don't have much experience in terms of being a tf2 admin or dealing with coding, I have a lot more admin experience in discord servers and I have experiences with discussing with mod teams, enforcing rules and ensuring that the environments are a safe place for everyone. Other information about me: I have been trading in TF2 for roughly 3 years now and do have a lot of experience in both low tier and unusual trading. I have assisted users and given tips on how to begin trading and how to trade in general. I am an artist (drawing) with around 2 years of experience. I am currently working a part time job with irregular hours and I am a university student who mostly has classes in the afternoons, but I normally do have quite a bit of free time on my hands and can regularly check into the server. I can usually be active at around 9 am-12 am and 4 pm-12 am MDT, so it's a relatively large window for availability but it is due to be a bit inconsistent due to classes and work. In regards to all the staff requirements, I have a clean steamrep, I currently have 3572 hours in TF2, I am a lifetime donator in the EGC server and I am currently 18 years old. The only criteria that I do not qualify in is being active in the discord (although I am active on the server with having a play time of around 18 days on it now). I've been banned from the discord due to an incident 6 months ago but I made a ban appeal for the that. Regardless, discord is a platform that I am very active on and do always leave on in the background while I am doing other stuff with the computer. And one more thing I should address, I've been muted on 2 occasions, the first being over a year ago now and the most recent was me just trying to make a joke but I did listen to the mods and stopped with the spam afterwards. I may be a bit chaotic but I ultimately just want to have some fun, but I don't think takes away from my abilities to moderate and enforce rules. I hope my application can be taken into consideration and I thank you for taking the time to read it.
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