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    Endless Gamers Community ideals reflect a community that is accepting and built upon a wide variety of cultural and social differences. Visual content is a great way to express a feeling, thought or even something that defines us. However to maintain a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere, images, videos and other visual media uploaded and / or otherwise distributed via our services must not contain content that falls into one of the following categories below:


    Violates the laws of Australia,  or any other jurisdiction where we host servers or content in relation to Endless Gamers Community.

    • For example, images which an average person would reasonably assume is Child Pornography or where such status is in doubt (EG: Manga / Hentai); Realistically depicts an act of Bestiality; Constitutes Racial, Religious or Sexual Vilification; Incites violence against other persons; Unlawfully defames another player or person; Infringes upon the intellectual property rights of another entity etc.  (Legal adult content doesn't fall under this category but may be dealt with by staff according to Category 4).
      Penalty: Permanent Ban

    Seeks to interfere with normal game play and disrupt players.

    • For example, an image of flashing colors extremely fast could cause health problems (Dizziness, epileptic fits, seizures, drowsiness), rendering the server unplayable or harmful for certain people.
      Penalty: Warning, then Ban of up to 1 Week.

    Circumvents or is otherwise contrary to any other rules which apply to Endless Gamers Community server(s) or forum(s), such as those which govern written and verbal communications.

    • For example, an image which reads “Join this ip: 207.000.123:123456”  would violate our rules against external advertising and will be treated as if it were written or said.
      Penalty: As described by the rules which were broken and moderator discretion.

    Is otherwise deemed by staff to be highly offensive in nature.

    • For example, depictions of Torture, Loss of human life, Animal cruelty, Injuries or Conditions that are likely to make an average person feel ill or otherwise uncomfortable, content which serves to greatly offend a minority where such offence is not warranted. (Exceptions to certain topics can be made as long as they are within a respectable guideline of 'said' subject and not considered to be of a trolling and / or defaming nature). This applies, but is not limited to: (Religious views, Political views, Scientology, Atheism, Furry, Social stereotypes, Political Stereotypes, Debates and Discussions).
      Penalty: Admin Discretion

    Legal Disclaimer

    • Images and videos remain the sole responsibility of the user/individual who uploaded them. As with all online mediums where users can submit un-moderated content or interact with each other. Discussions or content that take place on our servers may not always be suitable for users under the age of 18 (Herein after known as “minors”). We strongly encourage parents and guardians to use extreme caution when allowing minors to play games online and never to do so without appropriate supervision and guidance. Disabling "In-Game Sprays" and "In-Game Voice Communications" can greatly mitigate the risks that un-moderated content poses to minors.
    • Endless Gamers Community accepts no liability for any damage or harm that content on our website and/or game servers may cause to minors. Furthermore we make no guarantee that our website or game servers will be appropriate for minors at any given time. Users acknowledge this and participate at their own risk.

    This policy applies to any image or video that a user uploads or otherwise distributes via our service, whether that be in the form of an "In-Game Spray", Avatar, Attachment, Signature, GIF, Hyper link etc. Linking to prohibited content will be treated as if it were uploaded directly to our service. A user is any third-party which utilizes our service by any means (A player or forum member, a bot or crawler). Users signify acceptance of this policy by using our service (Connecting to our servers or accessing our website).


    Other Guidelines:


    If you are unsure about any of the above policies, or are unsure if you breach any of the above policies, feel free to contact a staff member or moderator for advice. Doing the right thing will only make matters easier to deal with and keep our community a respectful, fun place for everyone to enjoy. These policies may change without notice from staff, in which it is your duty to regularly read these policies for any slight changes. - KeRRR