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Video Comments

  1. In: Where is the new map?

    By LiMaaa, 03/08/2018

    Autistic as salt on a wound, but very entertaining. Made me giggle, cheers!

  2. In: Where is the new map?

    By KeRRR, 03/07/2018

    Brings a tear to my eye... Good work lol

  3. In: PUBG Awesome Gameplay

    By LiMaaa, 08/07/2017

    Nice, excited to finally play PUBG!

  4. In: EGC Strange Night #1 5/5

    By KeRRR, 08/07/2017



  5. In: EGC Strange Night #1 5/5

    By LiMaaa, 08/07/2017

    Strange night indeed. There have been many strange and interesting TF2 nights at EGC.

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