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Oh Sht Waddup its DAT BOI

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Daffybebe    16

Yo yo yo it's the mythical, the legendary, THE LIFETIME DONOR THAT GOT HIS 20 KEYS OFF KERR AND LIMMA IN SPYCRAB DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 My name is Daffy, I've  been Lifetime for like, before MissFreakShow got admim, I'm a cherry bloke down in Sydney, readin' them dank memes and trying to as inactive as possible. plz no h8Owj3WjW.jpg    < I'mma keep that on all my posts, so you no it's the real me. cya fam

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KeRRR    697

Hi, welcome. Hopefully that mindset will change and you will be more active. Have fun and if you have any questions, just pm me

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