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Another "tryhard" sniper

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RustlessAxe    7

Hi community, I'm Rusty. [(G.E.W.P.) Rusty in-game. :3] I've came to this server from another trade server, same map, similar skill level, but complete trash staff teams, so I went off for another server with hopes of better, more mature staff. Oh ye about me: I am mostly a sniper main (If you already couldn't tell if you've met me in-game.), but I also focus on Solly(Soldier.), Spy (Still trying to figure out if trickstabs work here, kinda have some ping issues. ;-;), and a bit of demoman, but mostly demoknight. From what I've seen, the server has a decent community, with the exception(Ovbiously you would get this on any trade server.) of darwin/hardscope snipers. x)

Personal stuff? Nope.avi I am an American, I will state that. I'm also very experienced with TF2.

Other games I play include, but are not limited to: Terraria, CS:GO, CS:S, and Minecraft(I last got on maybe 1 year ago? xD).

Anyway, hope that's good 'nuff. Also never forget: snippin's a good job, mate.



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LiMaaa    791

Welcome Rustless, EGC prides itself on having good ethics and a straight forward but friendly rule set which our staff are very good at enforcing. Our staff are all friendly and if you have any issues don't hesitate to contact one of us.


Welcome to the forums and the servers, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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KeRRR    697

Hi and welcome to EGC. Feel free to browse the forums and ask for support if need be. You can find some useful links in my signature.

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