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Check out this Loser in the community now.

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Mecchi    3

Well I donated Lifetime and hangout around a lot now.


If you don't know who I'm don't worry; just dislike this post and call me a scammer f2p. For the other people who do know who I am... well Hello again and I'm sorry that you know me :^) 


Certified Weeb (Anime nights? Can we make that a thing?)


Dumbass plays the,

Team Idiots 2


Risk of Pain 2

Cancerious kids simulator 101 (Rust)

lucky star GIF



What are you doing down here. Hecken nerd.

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KeRRR    738

Hey mech, welcome. I removed the overwhelming spaces from your post. Please try keep topics uniform so it's not an eye sore <3

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