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Last Chance to Get Office 2019 Pro under Microsoft Home User Program for $14.99USD (~ $21AUD)

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Last Chance to Get Office 2019 Pro under Microsoft Home User Program for $14.99USD (~ $21AUD)

Hi all, This is likely your last chance to get Office 2019 Pro via the Home Use Program for around $21.

All countries have moved to offering Office 365 at 30% off (per year subscription) instead of Office as a download. The US haven't started the 365 offer yet and if you use the old link to HUP you can still order Office 2019 Pro for $14.99 USD (Windows or Mac) and Project/Visio offers as well. The new link says HUP is coming back to the US soon (and was due to launch at the start of the year) so this work around is not going to last long.

To get Office for $21 you need to have access to a company email address that participants in HUP. Most big companies do so just try your work email and see if you get an email back allowing you to order.

To order go to https://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/home.aspx?culture=en-US

You may need to copy/paste into the link in an InPrivate tab so the page opens without it going to the office 365 page (if you get the office 365 offer try another browser as it does work). Note: For me if I click the link I get the office 365 offer but if I paste it in the browser I get the Office 2019 offer.

Don’t change the country otherwise it will go back to office 365 just use company email address then copy link from email you receive and put in an InPrivate tab (again clicking the link may take you to the office 365 offer so copy and paste).

You can put you real address with state as California and zip 90210 😊(or whatever address you like), you can get a phone number from https://fakenumber.org/

Place your order and get your key and link instantly.

Enjoy and act fast as I doubt this will last much longer and is likely the last version of Office you will get without needing a subscription to office 356.

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