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G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3000 16gb (2x8gb) - AU$133 delivered @ Newegg

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G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3000 16gb (2x8gb) - AU$133 delivered @ Newegg

I've been on the hunt for some DDR4 to start building a new Ryzen system. Came across this deal from Newegg which is a cracker of a deal. A lot cheaper than other 3000mhz ram with not much difference in timings

From my research, it appears these are hynix single sided die, but amongst the only in the sub $200 price range that appears on MSI's B450 QVL list. Many good reviews saying 3000mhz is doable with an XMP profile. No heatspreaders but allegedly this doesnt make a big difference with ddr4's low voltage, and generic heatspreaders are $3 on ebay.

No comparable au reseller, some around the $150 bracket but those are single 16gb sticks rather than 2x8gb

Note: price on page says $132 but I got charged a little over $1 extra in tax for some reason.

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