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helo im lem

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lemr4d    6
Posted (edited)

hello i'm lem but you can call me: lem, lemr4d, lemur , lil rad  Juicey  or Flashlight if you're Kerrrr /Limaaa



i'm 17 from australia i've met most of you over the years [2013?-2017 with lots of gaps in time , breaks] ....buuut for those whom have not  been cursed / blessed with meeting me i say hi, ntmy <3 i listen to rap and stuff like that cause im cool, i play gmod / tf2 / csgo so if you ever see my don't be scared to say hi, also if you ever want too talk about music / games too someone feel free to hmu, always up to talk about something im passionate about. 



ok thts all bye


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KeRRR    734

Nice to officially meet you lem. Welcome once again... see what I did there! ;)

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