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EXPIRED Free 50 Diamonds - CSGO Diamonds

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Jeby    593

I'm not here to really promote gambling or gambling sites, but a YouTuber has a deal for 0.50 free diamonds (50 cents worth) with them at the moment at this link:


A working strategy is to turn it to autobet, change 'on lose' to multiply by two. I'm at $1 worth atm, and it's slow, but as you make money, increase your base bet. I know a lot of you don't play csgo, but it's essentially free skins, which you can sell on the market. Only limitation: Lowest skins are worth 0.55 diamonds, meaning you have to win a few times before you can withdraw anything. Good luck, should also help a lot of you get your trading inventories in business, if you're f2p, all the better. :P:D

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone at the sparkles YouTube channel or the website, just thought i'd give you all a shot at free crap.

EDIT: So I learnt a few lessons, namely that if you leave max bet not at infinite, you will get screwed. it seems like a safety feature, but it really isn't. I lost my dollar I made, and got down to 3 cents. I have since made another 68 cents, and withdrawn a skin, leaving only 17 cents to bet with, meaning the bets wont go ridiculously huge, and the stakes are low. Not much money to most of you, but once you have a nest egg of skins outside, you can either sell em in steam, or trade back in, and have a higher base bet. Have fun!


Edit Edit: The skin I withdrew for 0.51 diamonds was worth $0.63. stickers are not counted.

FINAL Edit: I have found a website with lots of free referral codes. Free stuff here I come.


I Lied Edit: Why don't we start a freebie club. For instance, this once site called csgostrong offers anyone to put in a referral code. You get 100 coins, I would get 5.

don't gamble kids

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Mediz    104

NSW - 1800 011 511- Mental Health Line

VIC - 1300 651 251 - Suicide Help Line

QLD - 13 43 25 84 - 13 HEALTH

TAS - 1800 332 388 - Mental Health Services Helpline

SA - 13 14 65 - Mental Health Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service

WA - 1800 676 822 - Mental Health Emergency Response Line

NSW, VIC, WA, SA, QLD, ACT, NT - 1800 858 858 - Gambling Help

NT - 08 8999 4988 - Top End Mental Health Service

ACT - 1800 629 354 - Mental Health Triage Service

NSW - 1300 78 9978 - Mensline

NSW  - 1800 737 732 - Domestic Violence Support

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Jeby    593
1 hour ago, Allanon said:

Seems shifty as fk dude but w/e

I got a free statrak skin from it. I'm not complaining. Sure, it's only $0.60, but it's 0.60 i didn't have before. My only rule is to not put real money into it, or anything I care about. If you're only using the free stuff. If you guy's think the post's a bit over the top, or that I shouldn't be promoting free gambling, can an admin take it down?

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