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TF2 What is your Favorite Class and Loadout?

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What is your favorite TF2 class and what cosmetics and weapons do you use on them? Let us know down below!

My Favorite Class (As of right now) is the Heavy

Cosmetics: Unusual Blizzardy Storm Dragon Born Helmet, Heavy Lifted, and Combat Slacks

Weapons: Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Minigun, Vintage Buffalo Steak Sandvich, and Genuine Professional Killstreak Apoco-Fists

Write yours down below and continue this topic for as long as possible!

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DrRockso    332

My favorite class is Soldier

Cosmetics: Collector's Dapper. Strange All Father. One of the two tf2 wedding rings i have.

Weapons: I prefer stock but i am currently leveling a black box. B.A.S.E Jumper, and a strange Disciplinary Action.

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Eaaam    10

My favorite class to play as is Scout.

Cosmetics: Bill's Hat (An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge), Flak Jack and the Graybanns.

Weapons: Corsair Scattergun (FN), Mad Milk/Black Dahlia Pistol (MW), Conscientious Objector


I also like to play as Soldier.

Cosmetics: Skullcap, Marshall's Mutton Chops, Hornblower

Weapons: High Roller Rocket Launcher (FT), Gunboats, Vintage Escape Plan

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