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Trade Server's Spawn Sugesstion

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faultyfive    0

Hey EGCers,

I've suggested this to MsFreakShow and she has suggested that I should bring this to the forums so more people can vote and Kerrr ( I believe MsFreak said this name ) will notice and may accept this suggestion aswell.

Cut to chase, I suggest that we have a playground in our spawn. The question to this is not "Why?", It's a "Why Not?" I mean, look.

Slides, Swings, SeaSaw. Look at us, we have evolved so much as humans but we still face an empty wall in spawn? Is that what you want in life? TO FACE A WALL? NO! We humans must improve nonstop, like how EGC has been improving all the time. #MakeEGCGreatAgain

If we can get a playground in spawn, the whinies of "im friendly u piece of fake 3dplastic model" will stop as they get a playground in spawn!

I heard from MsFreak that there's a new map coming so I believe this is not too late. 

pls clap.



Your Friendly NeighbourHood Trader

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LiMaaa    811

I'm sorry to say but tf2 is very different to real life, although i can see that it would be appealing to have something other than a wall in spawn, doesnt mean a play ground is a good idea. You would not be able to swing nor use the slide correctly, i mean you may be able to walk down the slide but that is all. This concept whilst may seem like a good idea to you, would most likely not be used by general player base and go as an unneeded feature in the new map. There will be new things in spawn in the new map, but i don't think we will be implementing a playground.

Thanks for offering the opinion/ idea anyway, its good to hear the opinions from members, i just don't think this one is viable.

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KeRRR    748

In the new map, we have podiums to taunt on, tele to minigames, a duck shooting game (to practice your aim) and beautiful windows to look out of and watch your team mates die painful deaths. What more can you ask for?

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