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DeeJays Request Thread

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DeeJay    108

As video games are quite boring at the moment I've decided to accept requests (Keep in mind I'm not to great) on pretty much anything (Only thing I can't do is draw).

Examples of my (crappy) artwork: Imgur Gallery

Feel free to request below if you want, It may take a while for me to complete depending on the task and yes, I can also do sfms.


Any and all requests will be posted in this thread and my graphics thread. If you don't want it to be posted on either and just be private lemme know.

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iamniknak    85

Even though I change my avatar a lot, I'll request one

Make me a steam avatar pls doojball,

base it around shy guy (I have a few images if you can't decide what to use) try and implement fire into it, and put my steam name somewhere "Pyrotechn!k"

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