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DEAL ChronoGG Notification

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RumbleFrog    21


If don't know what ChronoGG is 



Chrono.gg to bring a unique perspective to buying games. Instead of offering as many different titles as possible in as many formations as one can imagine, we simply offer one awesome game, at an incredible price, every 24 hours. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible in a fun and straightforward way so that you can buy a game quickly and with confidence. But, that’s just the start.


We only sell one game at a time, and after 24 hours, it’s gone, to be replaced by a new game. We’re also unique in a few other ways. The most important of which is that we only work directly with the developers or publishers of the games we feature. No matter what, every key purchased on Chrono.gg will have been given to us with the direct blessing of that game’s developer or publisher to be sold here. At Chrono.gg, the creators of the game have the final say on everything from the copy you read, to the branding and images you see, to the price of the product. Essentially, we want to put the power back in the hands of content creators and consumers, where it rightfully belongs.



You can also obtain free games by going to the site every day and clicking on the coin icon to build up a streak, and unlock large coin bonus at certain streak. And you can use those coins to buy games!


What I'm offering is a wrapper for ChronoGG, a Steam Bot!


A simple Steam bot with the sole purpose of notifying you of ChronoGG deals on a daily!


Just simply add the bot, and you’re good to go!


Every day, around 1 PM (EST), the bot will send you messages with today’s deal, pricing and a brief description from Steam store. And in case you missed the messages, you can use !replay to replay the messages to you.


The Bot will also send you a message when new games are added to the shop available for purchase with coins!


If you don’t feel like receiving notification for a while, you may use !toggle to switch off/on your notification!


Bot Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198718750637158


Chat Screenshot:




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