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Proof of Innocence-Joe Schmo

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JoeSchmo    2

I have been accused of threatening a trade ban on another user, DarkestLegend.The story below explains the situation through messages to another user. These accusations may be true, but are justified in this report. Note that I didn't "threaten" a trade ban, only suggested it as a possible outcome.



Joe Schmo: hey u added me wassup?
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: hello
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: ive had recent reports saying you have threatend people with inventory bans
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: is that correct?
Joe Schmo: ah yes
Joe Schmo: darkest legend
Joe Schmo: hes the only one?
Joe Schmo: he should be
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: are you sure?
Joe Schmo: yes
Joe Schmo: would you like me to explain?
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: yes please
Joe Schmo: ok its quite a long story here we go
Joe Schmo: so i was selling an unusual
Joe Schmo: 24 keys
Joe Schmo: and darkest legend wanted it, but didnt have pure
Joe Schmo: so he gave me a mix of items and pure for the unusal, which added up to 20 keys
Joe Schmo: obviously, that wasnt sufficient
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: mhm
Joe Schmo: i wasnt going to make him overpay for the items because it was his first unusual, and he seemed nice
Joe Schmo: but he still had to pay full price
Joe Schmo: so he came up with this brilliant idea
Joe Schmo: he had money in steam funds,
Joe Schmo: so i would list an item for $10
Joe Schmo: and he would buy it
Joe Schmo: even though it was overpriced?
Joe Schmo: oops
Joe Schmo: no ?
Joe Schmo: anyway
Joe Schmo: i trusted him
Joe Schmo: and he was a donator, so i knew if he scammed me, he would get banned
Joe Schmo: so i listed the 20 cent item for $10
Joe Schmo: or 10 keys
Joe Schmo: and he didnt buy mine
Joe Schmo: he bought someone elsed
Joe Schmo: so i was frustrated, but still trusted him
Joe Schmo: so i said : ill give you
Joe Schmo: 3 week
Joe Schmo: weeks
Joe Schmo: to pay back the 4 keys
Joe Schmo: and he initially agreed, but after arguiing about time span, and if he was gonna pay pure, he said no deal
Joe Schmo: and the deal was that i would report him if he didnt pay me back
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: so u gave him 4 keys before he brought a unusaul?
Joe Schmo: wait what?
Joe Schmo: no
ĐⱤ. ĐɄ₵₭ ĐɆⱠɄӾɆ: so how does he owe you 4 keys?Joe Schmo: because he bought it for less than its price
Joe Schmo: because he didnt have enough


In a gist, DarkestLegend didn't have enough for the Unusual, so he said he would pay the rest by buying the flamethrower he gave to me for $10, or 4 keys, which he needed to pay for my unusual.  DarkestLegend accused me of actually receiving steam funds, and lying about it. I am aware now that it was against the rules to trade for SCM funds, but DarkestLegend, being a donator, suggested this idea, and should know these rules more than anyone. The attached files show the history of the item he bought from the SCM, which never has my name in its history, as well as the trade for the unusual and the item he gave to me to put on the SCM.



As you can see, Darkest gave me the flamethrower, then we made the trade for the unusual. You can then see screenshots of Darkest's backpack, one one 8/25/17, one day before the trade, and 8/26/17 , one day after. The flamethrower before has over 4,000 kills and no strange parts, while the new strange flamethrower does in fact have a "Cloaked Spies Killed Strange Part"


The item history is for the flamethrower he bought that was supposed to be from me. As you can see, there is no mention of my name in its history. 


At this point, I don't really care about getting my 4 keys back. It would be nice, but I just want this cleared more than anything else.

I hope you understand.


Joe Schmo

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Allanon    775

A lesson learnt about trading outside the trade window, and trusting people regarding trades. This isnt an appeal or a report, this will be moved to the archives

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