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DEAL Amazon Prime Day

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Jeby    593

Amazon's prime day is here, and while sadly neither EGC nor I have an amazon affiliate link (I cri), there are some pretty sweet dealerinos on.

Warning: You do need a prime account to access these deals, but I'm pretty sure they are cheap af, and also have a 30 day free trial.


Check out amazons page here, https://www.amazon.com

or check out some of the dealerinos I thought were good (all prices in USD):


4K Samsung Monitor: $279


Chromebooks: $129 - 299


Cool Looking Earbuds: $15.50


Ukulele: $55


Monoprice 3D Printers: $some amount, you save an extra %10 with prime though


And a whole bunch of other stuff on which the sales for haven't started yet. GL,HF

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