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SELLING Selling Unusuals :D

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Hey Guys, I'm Selling All of my Unusuals Which Include

-1 of 1 Circling Heart Antlers- ----- 900 Keys Pure, 1000+ in Offers

-It's a Puzzle to me Prehistoric Pullover ----- 110 Keys Pure, 120+ in Offers
-Massed Flies Grimm Hatte ----- 74 Keys Pure, 80+ in Offers

-Stare from Beyond Virtual Reality Headset ----- 60 Keys Pure, 65+ in Offers

-Eerie Orbiting Fire Big Country ----- 40 Keys Pure, 45+ in Offers
-Circling Heart Furious Fukaamigasa ----- 42 Keys Pure, 47+ in Offers

-Cloud 9 Ye Olde Baker Boy(w/ 1 spell) ----- 33 Keys Pure, 39+ in Offers
-Internal Flames Battin' a Thousand ----- 26 Keys Pure, 28+ in Offers

-Terror-Watt Herald's Helm ----- 24 Keys Pure, 28+ in Offers

-Terror-Watt Platinum Pickelhaube ----- 22 Keys Pure, 25+ in Offers

-Circling Peace Sign Conquistador ----- 17 Keys Pure, 20+ in Offers

-Orbiting Planets Platinum Pickelhaube ----- 14 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers
-Bubbling Mann of Reason ----- 14 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers

-Cool Piña Polished Minigun (Field-Tested) ----- Looking for Offers
-Cool Killstreak Blitzkrieg SMG (Field-Tested) ----- 15 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers

-Fountain of Delight Bucking Bronco ----- Looking for Offers



I'm not Accepting Painted Items, Skins or Unpriced Unusuals

Not Really Interested in Upgrading

I'd be very interested in Downgrading


Feel Free to Send an Offer, Add me or Post here, worst I can do is say nty.


My Bp.tf --- http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198016070169

My Steam Rep --- https://steamrep.com/?id=76561198016070169 

My Trade Link --- http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=55804441&token=1FOIj6ie 



I Update this every time I sell an Unusual or get a new one so feel free to bookmark this for the future!

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