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Forgot this community had a website...

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FishOFun    5

Hey there everyone name is FishOFun

You might see me around in the EGC AU trading server. 

Im 15 years old have somewhat of a life but not really, feel free to add me on steam if you would like to, and if anyone out there plays ugc comp, im an available ringer for scout in 6s and Hl, but i can also play sniper for HL. I hope To talk to more people in this great community. 


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Marchacho    5

Lol I have been in the US server for quite some time but i recently changed my name. Some of u may have known me as MR.WHAT? but i am back after a copuple of months of no computer cause i sold my old one but im back:) im 16 and hate highschool but im good at it so i guess its good to stay in:P. But just saying hi on the website

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