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SELLING S> Unusuals!

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Allanon    799

Yo all, Im Selling a bunch of stuff for pure metal or unusual/item overpay. Pure is king and ill be more flexible for keys, but generally prices are firm. Feel free to offer, the worst i will do is decline.


Dead Presidents L'homme Burglerre- 15 keys SOLD

Searing Plasma Backbiter's Billycock- 20 keys SOLD

Infernal Smoke Taunt: Buy A Life- 22 keys

Terror-Watt Powdered Practitioner- 27 keys (Multi-class)SOLD

Sunbeams Frenchman's Beret- 45 keys

Green Energy Frenchman's Beret- 40 keys SOLD

Vivid Plasma Le Party Phantom- 42 keys

Hellfire Halogen Headlamp- 70 keys

Stormy 13th Hour Powdered Practitioner(Multi class)- 150 keys


Item info- http://backpack.tf/u/76561198055774847

Send me an offer- https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=95509119&token=NUD4owqF



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