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Long overdue...

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Roosef    254

Hey guys. Its your friendly neighborhood kangaroo.

Now, I know this is  v e r y  long overdue.

~5 years overdue...


Anyways, for those that don't know me, I am Roo.

I am quite a regular person on the servers and the forums.

I am 19, in University doing a bachelors degree in Media Design.

I failed most of High-school and the first year of Uni because of my dedication to this community...

Good times...


Anyways, just making my delayed entrance to the community.

Perhaps I am fashionably late... :ph34r:


~ Roo

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LiMaaa    791

Welcome to the servers, clearly you are newb, we can tell this from your simplistic name and complete newbness of egc rules and how we operate.

Make sure to read our rules and get familiar with EGC, once you become familiar we can consider bringing you into the family, but right now you are

just a wild roo. :P

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