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Found 4 results

  1. I'll be posting all the new videos I recorded into this topic.
  2. CrazyyCow

    FREE Harder one

    tvssfbm cpwjof dipsfphsbqiz First to link the video wins. Prize is a strange flamethrower with halloween fire.
  3. Hoste

    A reignited passion

    I have always been fascinated in video editing ever since I was little and made a Windows Movie Maker animation with my brother using stickmen we drew from MS Paint. We made the animation and edited it alongside the song 'Sweet Home Alabama'. I specifically remember spending hours of each day adding frame after frame of one image of my stickman strumming a guitar and editing it to the beat of the song's strumming making it look like my stickman was playing the song. This had sprouted a world of fascination towards video and audio editing in my life. Later in the years, after watching plenty of YouTube videos of people creating SFM videos and the liking, I had re-imagined my times of fun when I made that stickman animation so many years ago. At this point I was in grade 8; my first year of high school - a fresh, new experience. I planned what I would make within Windows Live Movie Maker, using all its features to create whatever I imagined. I resulted in creating a trailer for 'Space Zombies', made using Fraps and resources within Garry's Mod. I experimented with in-game cameras, AI and the game's resources as well as any editing formats the software of Live Movie Maker could give me. I used a rhythmic and soothing, yet escalating type of melodic music, exported it and showed it to my friends. Of course, it was terrible to any professional standards, but the fact that I had successfully imagined what I wanted and used all the resources to make it into a real video was invigorating nonetheless. I was in control of so much, yet there was so much more I could learn. In high school I managed to complete courses in Creative Industries and Film & Editing with high marks by editing action sequences to the beat of classical music as well as filming and editing a horror trailer using the software Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, even achieving Certificate 1 in Creative Industries, but later had strayed away from these subjects for personal reasons. That was a mistake. I should have stayed. I should have learnt more to being an editor, a filmer, a photographer; all these things I had tasted within the first couple years that I seemingly threw away at a family-pressured change of course. It was about a couple years after these events that I had returned to the hobby of messing around in my home. I had no idea what to make. What kind of content could I create and edit? I had all the desire to make videos, but no feasible reason to share it with my peers. I ended up editing part of a Muselk stream where Keybae was defamed in one of the funniest ways possible. I decided to try my hands at rapid-editing and landed upon the idea to make an MLG parody-esque video as well as a NISLT-like 'how to' video. To today's social standards, it would be deemed cringeworthy, but much like my little-experience 'Space Zombies' trailer, it was something I imagined and set out to do, becoming successful at it. I later uploaded them to my YouTube channel (which is also my bloody Google+ account [remember when you had to link a Google+ account with a YouTube account to use YouTube? Ah, those were the days. Back when Ray William Johnson was the most-subscribed channel in the entire site.]) They were things I made, and no matter who tells me it's a terrible editing format, I still hold them close to me. I learn each time I create, and I want to create so much sometimes. It was only until recently somebody helped me get Adobe Premiere Pro back onto the computer since it changed and I had practically squat backed-up. Since then, I have had a re-ignition of my passion for editing. I have since made another Team Fortress 2 video, typically another format that NISLT would cover, but I edited it in my own way. It had been at least a year since I had touched the program, and I would say I did a good job at it. I shared it amongst my Steam friends and asked their opinion on whether or not my editing style and format were good, to which I had a lot of varied opinions. I have also tinkered with exporting options and made a 'quality control' video where I would upload a specifically-exported video to test the resolution, aspect ratio, frames per second and general gameplay video quality, disregarding any edits I put into it (I felt obliged to put some editing techniques in, or else it'll just be a drag-and-drop video). About half an hour ago I had saved my current progress on making an 'introduction sequence' that I would commonly place at the start of each content-based video I may upload to YouTube. I have learnt more on editing to the beat and how much it means to strive for higher quality. But why would I make an introduction sequence? What kind of content do I plan to upload in future? What am I preparing for? I have no idea. Like I was about a year ago, I had the will and desire to create, but I had no idea what to do it on. I am in the same predicament. I don't know what to create or how I should be creating it. I want to do these things, but I feel it's a supply-and-demand relationship where I have only supply and no demand. I don't know what to do in this situation. I have the resources, I have the general know-how and willingness to learn, I have the time, but I don't have the content. I need somebody to help me. One person, ten people; anybody and any amount. I want to create but I simply don't know what on. A few ideas come to mind, but I need more resources or more experience and knowledge on creating it. I will be messaging Ker/Lima regarding one of these ideas, but it will likely be turned down due to its stature. At least that's what I imagine will happen. If you have ideas on what I could be doing or any freelance work you want an amateur like me to make for you, feel free to leave a reply on this thread. I will put a link to one or more of my latest edits of an introduction sequence in a reply to this thread when I'm ready, just so people can gander at what I'm doing these days. Thanks for reading.
  4. Adolf

    TF2 moments in history

    Was reminded of a video I saw about 10 years ago, while playing TF2 today. Got ganged-up-on by a bunch of players wearing the dumbest hats and gibuses lol Another one of my favorite Don Hertzfeldt's