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Found 4 results

  1. Caveknight5


    Hey guys, My name's Cavenight5 and I've had TF2 for a while but stop playing it a while back and my mates told me about this server So far it seems awesome! Active admins and moderators, players and traders and everyone I've met are friendly. Even if they don't get a trade they want no one seems to hold a grudge. I tend to play sniper and spy (because I love stealth and range ). Also play demo and soldier if I want to be really aggressive. I also participated in some events (which I've never seen a server do before) and ended up winning a Team Captain in pyro tennis Hope this server gets even bigger so I have more people to dominate Cya around guys.
  2. LucyFur


    It's nice to meet all of you
  3. DesertHawk978

    Hi, I'm Deserthawk978.

    Otherwise known as ChristmasHawk978 or SpookyHawk978, depending on the holiday. Im 14 years old, & born in Hollywood, Florida (look it up). I'm currently in Melbourne. I've been playing on the trade server for a every other day for the last few weeks now and I'm rather satisfied. I used to play Halo on my Xbox360 before I started playing TF2 on my stepdad's iMac. I have ~400 hours on TF2 and I play primarily Sniper, although my favorite class is the engineer. I started playing TF2 in September 2012 when I got the orange box for the Xbox360. I had known about TF2 since 2008, but i never really had the money or a computer/xbox to play it at the time. After I played a bit on the 360 I installed it on my laptop, and I got a whopping 2-5 FPS. So I never played it on the PC again untill July 17, 2013. On my iMac I get about 30-50 FPS on TF2, and it's enough to get me playing decently. Once I save enough money I'm going to build a mid-high end PC running Windows 8.
  4. KeRRR

    It's Kerrr

    Hi guys, My name is KeRRR, most of you probably know me, if you don't. I love gaming, I am also a freelance graphics designer. I co - own Endless Gamers. If you need anything, just give me a buzz! Thanks