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Found 5 results

  1. I'll be posting all the new videos I recorded into this topic.
  2. CryoDash

    EGC Tera guild

    Hi this is just a spitball for an idea for EGC expansion but here it goes. I've been playing TERA a lot more lately and noticed tho not very apparent there is an air of trading involved there is also a lot of cooperative things that i think would be fun for the community i large like for instance battle royals or dungeon's. it is free and easy to get it started + the game its self is free to play. i could work with some of the EGC admins to get one set up if ya'll are interested ^3^
  3. Hey people, Im selling my Arcana Executioner and Im looking for smaller unusuals, so if you have a number of unusuals worth around 250-270 keys feel free to send me an offer. Alternatively I am also interested in Halloween effect hats, the rarer the better, dont be scared to send me an offer, the worst i can say is no. Discounts apply to EGC Forum users, say the phrase "I love EGC" when you trade me!
  4. hazz69mcpie

    EGC Teamspeak servers being a butt

    Ello all! I am being a grumpy old lady and complaining about the EGC teamspeak server. Lately it has been crashing a lot making it a inconvience to me and other possible players. If it crashes, my channel that i make gets deleted, i have to make that again. Even if i just crash if i alone a the only one in my private channel. Gets deleted. TY FOR READING
  5. DocHuds

    Whats Up Guys!

    Hello guys, My name is DocHuds (My real name is Alex) and I'm......actually not new to EGC at all As a matter of fact, I've been with the servers for quite some time! It was actually Lucy Fur and Sythes' idea to have me post here to get myself a bit more nitpick with the community that is EGC I know that 90% of the populis is Australian, but I'm sure there's at least a little room there for us Americans ehh?? well, I just wanted to post to tell all of the people that are interactive within the EGC community, regular members and Admins alike, that I am happy to be a part of this group! Not many groups that i've seen are as friendly and Associative as this group is, so be proud of that guys well, that ends my introduction! If you guys ever have the chance, say Hi! I'm present in the US server (alot) and have just recently started going to the AU one as well. Until next time, kudos mates! -Doc