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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellow EGC'ers And Welcome to Munt3dApple's Quest, *A Little Touch of Class*. I have been pondering a way to combine a Hobby of collection with online play for a long time. Collecting up hats and miscs was fun but I felt it was missing something. Perhaps you could say it needed "A little touch of class" (sorry, couldn't resist). With the help of EGC players and members i have started to collect Genuine items of all types I Currently have 3 goals i wish to achieve. 1.Collect every last genuine for Team Fortress 2 and continue to collect as new items are released. 2. Create my own sets using nothing but genuine items and weapons (sometimes vintage). 3. Have some fun and meet new people along the way This discussion page will be dedicated to suggestions of items to use in my Genuine sets and listings of all my current Genuine items Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed along with the assistance of obtaining any items I do not have yet. Unfortunately as a collector, I will not be able to trade off any of my genuines but i will always offer fair trade to those who wish to help out. A post of my entire current Genuine inventory will be added within a day or two from this original post Please do not hesitate to add me on steam if you'd like to help, suggest or trade Thank Your for reading and remember to always be "Genuine" in life - MuntedApple Edit: Hey EGC'ers. sorry about the wait for the list. Currently, this is the available genuines. *Feel free to browse this list and i will continue to update as I obtain them. The items that are blue in the list below show what i have already and the green is what i still need. Anger Aperture Labs Hard Hat Area 451 Battle BobBeastly Bonnet BolganBrütal BouffantBrain Bucket Bushman's BoonieCenturion Chief ConstableCockfighter Combat Medic's Crusher Cap Company manConjurer's Cowl Crafty HairCross-Comm Crash Helmet Cross-Comm Express Crosslinker's Coil Dashin' Hashshashin Dead Cone Doe-BoyDragonborn HelmetDread Knot El JefeGeisha BoyHardy LaurelHeavy Artillery Officer's CapHero's HachimakiHero's TailHetman's HeadpieceHuman CannonballJanissary Ketche K-9 Mane Lacking Moral Fiber MaskLast Straw Lone Star Mask of the ShamanNanobalaclavaPerson in the Iron Mask Pilotka Planeswalker HelmPoint and Shoot Pounding Father Samur-Eye Stahlhelm Stovepipe Sniper Shako Sydney Straw Boat Tartan Shade That '70s Chapeau Vox Diabolus War Head Warsworn HelmetWilson WeaveAtomic AccoladeAwesomenauts Badge Ball-Kicking BootsBlind JusticeBolgan Family Crest Buck Turner All-Stars Champ Stamp Cheet SheetCold War Luchador Companion Cube Pin Croft's CrestDeadliest Duckling Deus SpecsDistinguished Rogue Doublecross-CommFaerie Solitaire Pin Foppish Physician Fortune HunterGrizzled GrowthHeroic Companion BadgeHitt Mann BadgeKing of Scotland Cape Mark of the Saint Marxman Menpo Merc MedalMerc's Pride ScarfNoh Mercy Pip-Boy Planeswalker GogglesPrize Plushy Professor's Pineapple Purity Fist Quadwrangler Russian Rocketeer Scrap Pack Siberian Sophisticate Sign of the Wolf's School Steel SixpackSteel Songbird TartantaloonsTomb Wrapper Triad TrinketVigilant PinWhale Bone Charm WingstickNoise Maker - Koto Noise Maker - VuvuzelaShred AlertApoco-Fists ConcherorConniver's Kunai Diamondback Fan O'War Flying GuillotineFreedom StaffHalf-ZatoichiHam Shank Huo-Long HeaterMachina MaulNeon Annihilator OriginalQuäckenbirdt Red-Tape Recorder Sharp DresserSharpened Volcano Fragment Short CircuitSun-on-a-Stick Three-Rune BladeWidowmakerBrigade HelmGlengarry Bonnet Killer Exclusive Officer's Ushanka Respectless Rubber GloveRobot Chicken Hat Scotsman's Stove Pipe Stainless Pot Tough Guy's Toque Tyrant's Helm Grand MasterArchimedesBalloonicornFriends Forever Companion Square BadgeTriple A BadgeAp-Sap Righteous Bison Robo-Sandvich​ Thank you for your time and remember, stay "classy" and always be genuine in life - Munt3dApple