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Found 5 results

  1. hamburgercrisis

    Long Overdue Introduction

    I am hamburger crisis, I've been playing TF2 since 2011 and my first impression to those on the server was definitely not a pleasant one. I was the edgy "Sniper Main" everyone hated and had the ego that surpassed the size of the sun. A couple days ago I revealed that was nothing more than a front, and I was actually capable of being nice and modest, but I chose not to because when I first came there I had intentions of just stomping trade servers with Sniper. I decided to do that big reveal because I realized how much I've grown fond of the community overtime, especially with the admins that run it. Aside from that though, I'm an SFM artist who is currently looking to get into graphic design and I'm hoping to get to know this community better.
  2. RumbleFrog

    About Me Howdy EGC Peps

    Who Am I? Known as Fishy on Discord or RumbleFrog on my various social media profiles. I'm a freelance full-stack developer and has been for about five years now. I started at the age of 11 (Yes 11), that means I'm currently at the age of 16! Now, I know what you're thinking: there's no way this kid started that early, but believe me, even I didn't believe, I guess it's all genetics - I'm a moderator for the SourceBans++ community - I'm currently the lead-developer in a small TF2 Dodgeball community MaxDB What do I do? Full-stack Developer What's a full-stack developer you may ask? Track! I'm currently a sprinter on my Indoor Season 2018 Track team. And soon to be in the on the Outdoor team... once the weather over here gets better. Things I hate & like - I love discussing alternative efficient ways of developing things with people - I absolutely hate people that cannot use Google for mere 5 seconds to search for answers before coming to me for help, if you're one of those, I'm most likely giving you an LMGTY link. - I love playing with squads! That means I enjoy playing games like PUBG, League of Legends, and of course TF2! My Work - Most of my public projects are on my Github profile - You can find my published (So not all public projects) Sourcemod projects at Alliedmods and private Sourcemod projects at my personal site Connect with me! - Feel free to add me on Steam! (Keep in mind, I perform regular friend list cleaning) - Write to me on Keybase!
  3. Hello all Mercenaries of Endless Gamers, I am Medicine Ball and I am here to inform you all of who I am and what I have done. None of you to this date have a good understanding of who I am and what I stand for, so I shall start with what I have done. I am a former moderately experienced moderator and admin of 3 different TF2 trade servers, all of which ended due to lack of funding caused by unfortunate occurrences. The first server I moderated was Sodahappy, which I moderated on two terms. I was demoted after a small outbreak but then re-assigned and nearly made a Senior Moderator due to impressive improvement of maturity and professionalization. Sodahappy shut down after the owner had a medical accident and was hospitalized without health insurance, he was given a massive fine for this. The second server was Hikari Empire, which I was promoted to Admin on due to history on Sodahappy. The server was shut down due to an economic downfall and lack of donations to keep the server running, the owner did not have the financial position to run the server in the first place. The third was Krian Society, which shut down due to the owner swapping it to MC and a lack of care to fund a server on TF2. I was a Senior Moderator on this server accustomed to the fact that there was no room for another Admin. Nowadays, I have gotten a job as a Zoological Museum Caretaker, though not a museum at heart. I work here as the maintenance for the test specimens and a scanner of the info cards that have yet to be digitalized. I have come to enjoy this career though I go to it only once a week, and am working to obtain a major in Animal Biology and Environmental Sciences. Other than taking a liking to Animals and the Natural world, I am a computer wiz, I even constructed my computer from the bare parts and the casing. I also understand most CPU parts inside and out. If my career as a Zoological Scientist doesn't work out, I can always become an IT or go into the graphics and mesh forming departments for game development. Now as for my career on TF2, I will be modest and say, I have not gotten that far when it comes to making profit of the game. I have spent about 150 dollars on the game and currently have 200, granted that also is aided by the fact that I am not a major trader, as of right now I main heavy and until they make the other classes more balanced and on par with each other or make the game more appealing to myself then it will stay that way. I currently own one unusual that I will treasure for months to come and have plenty of high value items at my disposal. Other than computer, I have taking a liking to the hobby of playing cards such as Texas Holdem', Black Jack, Speed, Poker, War, and Bull****. I have enjoyed these types of games for years now and still play them to this day. I think you now know enough about me, if you want to add me for something like play TF2 or buy something from my inventory, then go ahead. Good night/day/afternoon/morning to you, reader.
  4. Hey guys how's it going? Name's Quil or Nick whichever you prefer. It's a little weird to go by anything other than Quil though. It's been my username for going on 6 years now. My display name on steam has been and always will be Quil and Ink but you'll see tiny variations as jokes or seasonal things (Quil and Christmas, etc). A little bit about me. 21 years old, duderino, and former admin of Rawr Trade servers as well as Pyro Protect Me. Got some admin time under my belt before the whole Rawr system collapsed but that's another story for another day. I'm here to trade, shoot people, and shoot up conversation mainly. I've already met some characters around here. Hope to see ya on the server! Brerb~ (´・ω・`)
  5. HitmanSparky

    [Introduction] My Introduction

    Hello there! I am Hitman Sparky, an administrator over at Mann Co Trading, the #1 Unusual Trading server/community in TF2. I have a green shield on SteamRep which says MCT ADMIN, so you know I am legit! I am just stopping by to say hi and wanting to make my presence known on here. - Got any questions related to trading or scammers? Shoot me a PM or ask me on Steam! Thank you for reading my introduction and have a nice day