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    Credit System

    • Under Review

    You should implement a credit system where non donators and donators can obtain credits through being on the server or killing people or winning events. Than the people can use these credits to spawn bosses like headless horsemen or monoculous or skeletons. However, Donators can have access to monoculous and skeletons while non donators can only spawn horsemen.


    *There would be a limit to the amount of bosses one can spawn at a time.



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    Actually, we have been working on a credits system for some time and plan to roll out a new feature set of perks and ways to obtain them via credits, gift grabs, ranks and events. Users can purchase perks, gift credits and gamble their credits all within their donor panel. Donations/Credits can be made using an automated payment system (PayPal) and/or via key donation to our bot (coming soon).


    (wip) Users will have access to a personal stats page, showing most event wins, rank, donations status and highest contributors. Hopefully it will bring some variety and affordability to our members long term and provide a fun and ever-changing environment.


    Some of the perks we may choose from:

    • custom name tags
    • marry another player
    • divorce another player
    • robot/zombie/sentry buster
    • jetpack (lifetime)
    • chat colors
    • tf2 models
    • taunt poser (lifetime)
    • all taunts
    • increased credit drop rate
    • karts
    • golden kills (primary and melee)
    • better rtd chance (up to 80%)
    • double or nothing (credits)
    • friendly
    • outer glow (up to 3 colors)
    • resize body parts
    • die with glamour (firework, explode, launch, electrocuted)
    • teleport into enemy spawn: !enemy
    • colored footprints and item spells
    • paint cans (for testing load-outs and colors)


    Eta atm is unknown, when i get time?

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    How would these things be introduced into the ranking system? Will all of the above be given to Lifetime+ and only specific ones to donators? Otherwise, Non-Donators will have to obtain them through credits.

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    Given this thread has been resurrected, I'll just add that credits systems are bound to end up with a bunch of regulars who are online constantly and have everything and those who are new or can't be on constantly who don't have much at all, which I've seen cause divides in other communities (more often those in gmod, utilising credits that can be earned slowly or bought. Regular resets, with perhaps awards or follow overs for those that had lots can help, but it does start to form a more closed community.

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