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    These guidelines are here to protect those who play, just as much as they are designed to assist those who admin. By playing here at EGC, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership or server access should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership.


    No cheating, glitching or hacking

    • We do not condone cheating, glitching or hacking of any kind. In laments terms it is the alteration of a game, game play or it's mechanics in a way which would constitute a leverage for a certain individual outside the normal game parameters. Some examples of cheating: Aimbot, speed hacks, wall hacks, auto airblast scripts, texture modifications, name changers, ip maskers, ping hacks and glitches which give you an advantage over others. 

    No scamming or deceptive behaviour

    • If you scam, attempt to scam or influence another person to do so, you will be banned. This includes, but is not limited to: Spycrab fraud, lying about prices to gain leverage or profit, threatening a player for items, claiming to sell an item other than the one you are actually selling. Renaming items with the intent to confuse or misguide traders, openly admitting to scamming (past, present or future)Money reversals, fake steam wallet codes or fraudulent schemes. Being marked on Steamrep will get you banned until you are unmarked or cleared of any wrong doing.

    No spamming chat or mic

    • Text chat advertisements should be limited to one post per chat cycle. If you can still see your previous post, then there is no need to post another even if you advertisements are different.
    •  Voice chat is to be used by players who are 13 years of age and older. Do not yell into your mic or talk over people. The voice chat is primarily to be used for trading purposes, although general conversation is fine. Keep your trades short and sweet and give others a fair go. If you are found to be in violation of any of these mediums, you may be muted or gagged.

    No abuse or impersonation

    • Abuse and severe trolling isn't tolerated across the Endless Gamers Community. Speaking over others, severe profanity, racism, admin disrespect, impersonation, passive trolling, spreading personal information, defaming or actions leading to the abuse of another player will result in a ban. Treat others how you would like to be treated. 

    No third party advertising

    • We do not allow third party advertising or external linking here. This means that you cannot advertise or post illicit links to: hacks, scams, phishing sites, porn sites, ip addresses, steam groups or otherwise inappropriate material. Advertising "official" valve content, EGC content (forums, steam group etc.) or known services surrounding said game is fine. 

    No Raffling

    • There are numerous raffle groups and raffle scams out there, a lot are illegitimate and setup to either be rigged or to steal from you. Because of this we do not allow users to hold raffles on the EGC servers or advertise raffles to other members. Admins are exempt from this rule.

    Spray guidelines - Check visual content policy

    • Endless Gamers Community ideals reflect a community that is accepting and built upon a wide variety of cultural and social differences. Images, videos and other visual media uploaded and/or otherwise distributed via our services must not contain content that is considered offensive or violates our visual content policy. Not sure what's allowed? Click here to see our Visual Content Policy

    Spycrab guidelines

    • Spycrab at your own risk. It is best to screenshot or video record your spycrabs so you have proof in case your opponent runs. We recommend players who are spycrabbing over 5 keys should call an EGC admin to middleman or monitor the spycrab. Admins are almost always on the EGC discord.

    Brokering guidelines

    • Brokering is a good way to move items you may not have the time to move yourself. Users can broker on EGC, but there are some guidelines to follow: Users who give items to a broker do so at their own risk, knowing there is a chance they may not get said items back. Brokers and clients must make an agreement and record this agreement for proof if need be.
    • A broker fee is paid to the broker if they sell your hat for the price you have agreed upon or traded for the item you preferred. If you have agreed to pay a broker for their services and they have fulfilled their agreement, you must pay them the agreed amount. Some useful services to determine if a broker is trusted. Look at: backpack.tf trust rating, hours in the game, if the brokers backpack is of value and if they are known and trusted around EGC and Steamrep.

    Trading guidelines

    • You are free to trade practically anything you want with a few exceptions. We only allow trading of items, vouchers, games and content that is provided via the steam trading system. We prohibit trading of any third party materials. This includes, but is not limited to: CD Keys, Gift Cards, External accounts (Minecraft, Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, Steam accounts). Users found exploiting the trading system will be banned.


    Other Guidelines:


    If you are unsure about any of the above server rules or are unsure if you breach any of the above rules, feel free to contact a staff member for advice. Doing the right thing will only make matters easier to deal with and keep our community a respectful, fun place for everyone to enjoy. These rules may change without notice from staff, in which it is your duty to regularly read these rules for any slight changes. - KeRRR