These guidelines are here to protect those who play, just as much as they are designed to assist those who admin. By playing here at EGC, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership or server access should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership or ban access.



    • Mooching is the act of demanding, or repetitively requesting free items from other players. This can be quite annoying and has a negative influence on our trade servers. The concept of trading is to swap a item for a more desirable one..."The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary". 


    • Brokering is a good way to move items you may not have the time to move yourself. Users can broker on EGC, but there are some limitations as it cannot be securely monitored. Users who give items to a broker do so at their own risk, knowing there is a chance they may not get said items back. Brokers must not take a users items in the traditional sense, instead they can source deals or interest, set up trades or deals for the client, help negotiate or inform the user of deals.
    • A broker fee is paid to the broker if he/she gets your hat sold for the price you have agreed upon or traded for the item you preferred. If you have agreed to pay a broker for their services, you must follow through if a deal has been finalized. Withdrawing payment from a broker after he/she has sourced you the deal or gotten you the trade is considered a fraud or scam. You will be dealt with accordingly.


    • Text chat advertisements should be limited to one post per chat cycle. If you can still see your previous post, then there is no need to post another. Please avoid repetitive chat spam. Please try to avoid all upper case advertisements, being more brute won't make your post more desirable.
    •  Voice chat is only to be used by players who are 13 years of age and older. Do not yell into your microphone or talk over people. The voice chat is primarily to be used for trading purposes. Keep your trades short and sweet and give others a fair go. If you are found to be in violation of any of these mediums, you may be muted or gagged for a set amount of time. (Changing your name to communicate after being muted will only increase your time out).


    • We do not condone hacking, cheating or glitching of any kind. Cheating comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, in laments terms it is the alteration of a game, game play or it's mechanics in a way which would constitute a leverage for a certain individual, outside the normal parameters of the game / application. It could be as malicious as a server exploit or insignificant as altering a players sound. It still falls under cheating and / or glitching. Play fair. (This includes, but is not limited to: water glitching with medic taunt).


    • Please do not bait other players. Baiting is when you manipulate or persuade a player into breaking the rules or providing them with false information about 'said' rules. This could result in incorrect bans and cause confusion on our servers. Players found doing this will be dealt with accordingly.


    • We are a community based on a common interest, gaming. Though we may have things in common, in the end we are all different and have a variety of players on our servers. Please respect all players and do not abuse / harass them, this includes, but is not limited to: gender, sexual preference, intelligence, stereotypes, age, race and anything else that falls under this category. This does not mean you must like every person you meet, or agree with all their ideals, but you should be able to get along, enjoy the game and help each other out. If you have a problem with a player, try talking to them privately about it, if all else fails, take your issue to a staff member, they will help you out.


    • We do not allow advertising outside of trading on our servers or group. This includes but is not limited to: raffle advertisements, urls to other steam groups, server ip adverts (eg: Join, links outside of Endless Gamers community and / or steam enterprises (eg: www.facebook.com/user, www.badwebsite.com). Steam profile links are ok, steam rep links are ok and links relating to reputable trade websites, such as: tf2outpost, backpack.tf, bazaar.tf, etc. If you are unsure about the integrity of your links, contact a staff member first. Inviting EGC members from servers or the EGC group(s) to third party groups with the aim to defer players is not tolerated. If you break these rules, you may consider your stay with us, short lived (Endless Gamers forum links are accepted).


    • We take impersonation very seriously. Do not impersonate staff and/or players on our servers. You may think of it as a harmless joke, but most people use it to either steal from or defame others. This includes, but is not limited to: Copying names of players, using identical and / or similar profile information such as pictures, links, comments. Impersonating an admin or staff to get a player to do what you want. This will not be tolerated and can get you banned indefinitely. Punishment will be handled at the admin or moderators discretion.

    Reporting Players

    • All reports made using the report feature are logged and recorded. While we appreciate your help informing us of rule infractions, we do not condone abuse of this feature. If you are found to be abusing this feature and making false reports, you will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly. We understand if you make a mistake, but our staffs time is valuable and if 'accident' turns into 'intention', then you can look for a new server to play on.

    Admin/Mod Abuse

    • We train our staff and moderators with you guys in mind. If you have a grievance with any moderator, admin or policy decision, try to contact the staff member personally via steam or a forum PM to resolve it. If that fails, you can issue a report via our 'report tracker' on the EGC forums. Our staff members will hear what you have to say, as long as it is respectful and with merit. If all else fails, then you can contact one of the founders to have your case heard. Please keep in mind that we may be busy and will attend to your matter as soon as possible.

    Tag/Spray Policies

    • All visual content displayed on any server hosted by Endless Gamers Community must comply with our Visual Content Policy (pictures, sprays, videos). You can find a copy of our policy here. If you are unsure if it's illegal or offensive, then don't do it.

    Spy Crabbing

    • If you are spy crabbing, remember to take a screenshot of the agreement you make with the opponent as proof and log the scores int he server chat. If a player runs, we will then be able to ban them for spyrcab fraud. (When the player disconnects, get their steam id from chat, it makes our job easier). All spycrabs should be completed with stock spy loadout to prevent any issues.
    • If you are spy crabbing over 5 keys of value, the crab MUST be middle-manned with an EGC Admin. We will hold the item, observe the crab and payout the winner. (All unusual crabs must use an EGC middleman).


    • Raffling can not take place on the EGC Servers unless the raffle is 'free entry'. The only paid entry raffles allowed must be created, guided and paid out by an EGC admin. This is due to the amount of loopholes in current raffle systems and players running off with participants entry fees. If you host a paid raffle on EGC servers, you may be barred, so don't do it.


    • If you scam, attempt to scam or influence another person to do so, you will be banned. This includes, but is not limited to: Spycrab fleeing, lying about prices to gain leverage or profit. Threatening a player for items, claiming to sell an item other than the one you are actually selling. Renaming items with the intent to confuse or misguide traders, openly admitting to scamming (past, present or future)Money reversals or fraudulent schemes. (There is a zero tolerance on scamming, if you are found doing it, you will be banned). Associating with known scammers is frowned upon and may get you banned, choose your friends wisely. Being marked on Steamrep will get you banned until you are unmarked or cleared of any wrong doing.

    Affiliate Guidelines

    • We always encourage our members to be creative and explore different gaming avenues. If you choose to start a server or group in relation to being a member on EGC server(s) or group(s),  there are a few guidelines to be aware of. We do not condone the replication or likeness of EGC servers (unless stated otherwise). This includes, but is not limited to: Replicating custom plugins, donator perks, server settings, events and competitions. We encourage people to be unique and individual. If you are unsure if you are in violation of any of these guidelines, then please consult the EGC Staff before implementing them. (Violation of these terms may result in your stay with us, short lived).

    What Can I Trade?

    • You are free to trade practically anything you want with a few exceptions. We only allow trading of items, vouchers, games and content that is provided via the steam trading system. This is to keep trading safe and limit the number of scams or negative trades that occur. A legitimate trade is only considered legitimate when you trade item vs item, promises of trading something at a later date is not permitted. We prohibit trading of any third party materials. This includes, but is not limited to: CD Keys, Gift Cards, External accounts (Minecraft, Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, Steam accounts). People found trying to manipulate the system or attempting to get members to add them to sell their 'illegitimate' content privately will be reported and dealt with swiftly.

    Other Guidelines:


    If you are unsure about any of the above server rules, or are unsure if you breach any of the above rules, feel free to contact a staff member or moderator for advice. Doing the right thing will only make matters easier to deal with and keep our community a respectful, fun place for everyone to enjoy. These rules may change without notice from staff, in which it is your duty to regularly read these rules for any slight changes. - KeRRR