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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome. We sell and Buy a variety of items. Constantly updated! Proceeds go back into the community and events. ★Conditions★ PayPal - Clients are required to go first, you pay fees if any are incurred. Must have rep! Unusuals must be 30% off or overpay in items purchased from EGC shop ★Rep★ We have over 10000+ Hours in TF2 combined. SteamRep friends, trusted and run the EGC community. ★KeRRR★ Steam | Backpack.tf | Steamrep | TF2Outpost ★LiMaaa★ Steam | Backpack.tf | Steamrep | TF2Outpost SELLING ⋆ 100's of hats, miscs, crates, stranges, skins (Pure or swap) ⋆ Unusual taunts, hats, all class, miscs (Pure or swap) ⋆ Pure keys for PayPal (200 in stock) ⋆ Trading cards, emoticons, wallpapers (Pure or swap) BUYING ⋆ Quicksell unusual hats and taunts (Must be 30% off or swap) ⋆ Miscs, hats, taunts, skins (15% off or swap) ⋆ Pure keys for PayPal (200 in stock) ⋆ Trading cards, emoticons, wallpapers (Pure or swap) To Buy, Sell or Trade Send KeRRR A Trade Offer Add KeRRR On Steam Send LiMaaa A Trade Offer Add LiMaaa On Steam
  2. My friend does wicked sfm posters, lots of detail and he's willing to work with you on design. only charges a key or 2 depending how much detail you want. Here's one he did for me https://gyazo.com/39cc100dc9fe2739bfe9ae147ba77791 and a second one too https://gyazo.com/26c84cee9bbc71a34e6cb470e4643c93