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Found 15 results

  1. I am selling 1 scout unusual for 22 keys pure or unusual 1:1 the effect of the unusual is Miami Nights Send me a trade offer if interested
  2. Selling Allanon's old cumrag - Disco Beat Down Desert Marauder. Painted 'Deep Commitment to Purple' with the spell 'Voices From Below' attached. Taking 28 keys pure or mixed offers. Alternatively I can crab it against an item of equal or greater value, so offer for that too if you would like. My Steam profile should be attached to this account, so either leave a reply here or add me to discuss.
  3. Yo all, Im Selling a bunch of stuff for pure metal or unusual/item overpay. Pure is king and ill be more flexible for keys, but generally prices are firm. Feel free to offer, the worst i will do is decline. Dead Presidents L'homme Burglerre- 15 keys SOLD Searing Plasma Backbiter's Billycock- 20 keys Infernal Smoke Taunt: Buy A Life- 25 keys Terror-Watt Powdered Practitioner- 27 keys (Multi-class) Sunbeams Frenchman's Beret- 48 keys Green Energy Frenchman's Beret- 40 keys SOLD Vivid Plasma Le Party Phantom- 44 keys Also selling a range of Fac New Sniper Rifle skins, and some other bits and pieces on page 1 and 2 of my backpack. Send me an offer- <3
  4. Selling Specialized Killstreak Festive Minigun (unique) for 1.4 keys (1 key 10.77 ref), sheen is Deadly Daffodil. Also selling everything on P8 of my backpack for listed/ price. Buying Mannrobics with 1 key pure as well. Backpack: Trade Offer Link:
  5. I am selling (almost) everything in my backpack. These items include Cosmetics, Stranges and 2 Unusuals. - The first unusual is a Steaming Ol' Snaggletooth [Sniper]. I'm looking for 12 keys pure, or Item overpay. - The second unusual is a Blizzardy Storm Human Cannonball [All-Class]. I am looking for 28 keys or Item/Unusual overpay. Add me and we can discuss prices on other items there. Backpack Link: Trade Link:
  6. Selling A unusual Wing man for 11 keys pure the effect is Neutron Star send me a trade offer
  7. Selling Sunbeams Chilled Chulo for 500 keys or offers! Send me a trade offer! Stats: God Tier All Class Clean Only one on the market Really nice hat + effect.
  8. Selling my graybanns painted lime, for 8 refined metal. Nothing else. Item overpay, please Stats: +Makes you look rich -Makes r/tf2 hate you
  9. Check my Pages 9, 10 & 11 to see what I have ~
  10. Selling my Strange Voltaic Hat Protector Universal Translator. Looking for 40 keys or offers! Trade offer URL: Click here!
  11. Hello! I am selling a nice All-class Orbiting flames botdogger for 17 keys pure! this my friends, is 2 keys off of and is 1 of 9 in the world! Go to my profile and click on my steam trade link! HURRY!
  12. QUICKSELLING More than 30%OFF 94 KEYS PURE OR GREAT OFFER IN ITEMS !! GOD TIER HAT - GOD TIER EFFECT !! CLEAN !! CHEAPEST Anywhere you can find !! FAST TRADE !! NO HOLD !!! My link - Trade URL -
  13. Hello! I am selling a Factory New Corsair Scattergun for 1.1-1.22 keys in pure or item overpay! Please trade me if you are interested Send me a trade offer here

    ello all Selling Page 2 Of My Backpack I Take Pure Or 1 Ref Item Overpay Click The Link Below For Page Two Of My Backpack Send Me A Trade Offer Or Add Me :-p Feel free to comment any inquires down below.
  15. Ello all I recently acquired a Aussie scattergun and would like to sell it. I'm trying to branch my trading onto anywhere so I get the best of many offers. I'm selling it for about around 50 keys. I know it's a lot. :-p I take pure or Item Overpay for about 10 keys maybe. Depends if I like the item/s that you offer me. Steam name is hazz_mcpie if you wanna add me and talk more, profile picture is a Zoidberg.