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Found 1 result

  1. Blocks CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) IP Ranges *** Potential Uses Block VPNs to prevent hackers Block certain ISPs Block certain countries ConVar sm_cidr_log - Enable blocked logging [Default: 1.0] (Min: 0.0) (Max: 1.0) Database Structure CIDR_LIST CIDR_WHITELIST CIDR_LOG (Used when sm_cidr_log is 1.0) Installation Extract CIDR_Blocker.smx to /addons/sourcemod/plugins Create cidr_blocker entry in your database.cfg (Optional | Recommended) Import https://github.com/CIDR-Blocker/CIDR-Blocker/blob/master/imports/datacenters.sql into cidr_list table Resources CIDR Blocker Official Site - https://cidr-blocker.github.io ASN Blocklist - https://www.enjen.net/asn-blocklist/ Pre-made SQL script of most datacenters - https://github.com/CIDR-Blocker/CIDR-Blocker/blob/master/imports/datacenters.sql Plans & Bugs Issue tracker Changelog Commits Download Download the latest version from the release page. Source You can view the source here. License GPL-3.0 Icon made by Freepik from http://www.flaticon.com