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    Aimlock in a similar vein to ph0x. Seems like ph0x pulled out an alt account to try and get everyone to believe that he's legit by making me look like I call everyone out as a cheater. Here's the demo. Blatant snapping once again. Slow it down to 50% and it becomes even more obvious.



    Notable ticks:

    6000-6200 snaps to sniper's head from the chest.

    8400-8600 Snaps to snipers head

    9100-9200 snaps to snipers head

    14000-14200 sticky-aim/tracks heavy's head through goal post.

    14600-14778 Accidentally presses an aimkey, and snaps to the head of an enemy coming out of spawn. Enemy dies before he can shoot him. (This one is really bad.)


    Seems to toggle off intermittently when the shots are easy.


    16600-16900 Really blatant lock-ons to 3 sniper's heads. Also through the goalpost.

    18100-18300 snaps to spy's head while spy is jumping.

    22200-22400 When you teleport him to you Jae, he snaps to your head to headshot you but you're godmoded.


    EDIT: Chat logs from ph0x "Yk_ is here to prove a point." This leads me to assume its his friend or an alt.

      Reported Player Details
    Name: yk_
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:449487801
    Offence: Hacking (aimbot, wallhack, etc)
    Location: Servers

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    I am going to close this report. Although some suss shots, please gather more evidence in the future. It is obvious yk is on an alt, but we need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

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