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    Wayne and Bonk were spamming mic relentlessly, asked 3 times to 'chill on mic' as others were trying to advertise and couldn't. Ignored and continued. Was muted and made the childish and clearly personal attack in chat as seen in logs about the 'autism jokes'. I never made this a personal issue and have no personal feelings for or against Wayne being part of EGC, however I do feel Wayne doesn't know how to moderate his mic use which is all I wish he would do.

    Wayne then, instead of talking to me or another Admin went to Discord as captured. This wasn't the forum for such complaints and it's HIGHLY disrespectful towards me personally.

    Travie was on the server at the time and can support my very very reasonable attempts at just getting Wayne and Bonk to chill out on the mic a little, before I had to eventually mute so others could advertise.

    As a donator and long time player on EGC Servers as well as having 4 previous mutes, I would just expect and hope Wayne would learn from past mistakes instead of making this a personal attack on me as Admin.

    I don't appreciate the treatment here and am making a report because clearly Wayne feels like there is a personal interest here from my end, so for fairness I'm asking another Admin take a look at the evidence I have provided and decide on what punishment if any Wayne deserves because I won't and shouldn't have to tolerate this treatment because he can't control his mouth and how often it is used.


    P.S I even recommended they go to Discord to chat instead of doing it on the server, neither did until it came to backstabbing me like the immature child he is.





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    Name: Wayne
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:49949898
    Offence: Other
    Location: Discord

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    Me and Bonk were neither mic spamming, nor doing it relentlessly. We were talking, along with 2 other people talking. We were making jokes with each other. I was making jokes about Bonk selling bad dragon dildos. I was talking with people, during which i did not hear you give me any warnings, if you warned in chat, then I obviously didn't see it. As well as to the regards of the "childish and personal attack of autism" I referenced that as to yesterday, in which i chimed in with a few other people talking and I said "Alright, it's time to calm down, Autism is mental cancer, it's time to stop". Just that alone warranted a mute from you recently, then when I got on today to trade and have fun I got muted for 240 minutes for literally just making jokes about bonk selling dildos.
    To reference about "never making this personal" if you never had a personal grudge with me, I wouldn't be one of the people you repeatedly single out when they are on talking on the microphone. It's clear to myself, and to a few others that I talk to in the EGC community that you have attitude problems. Normally I wouldn't even pay attention to this type of thing, but seeing as you made a report about me saying rude comments about you on discord, which so happens you say discord is cancer and you never come on it, shows that you have a personal issue with my presence not only on the server in-game, but in the community in general. Like I said on discord, you can be nice sometimes, so talking to you during those times is fine, and great. But the majority of the time you act like a jerk or as I so eloquently put it, a "♥♥♥♥".
    As to other people needing to advertise on the microphone, they can do that, anytime I'm talking and I hear somebody trying to advert on the mic, i always shut up and let them advert. I don't interrupt people who advertise, ever. I believe in manners, but when somebody doesn't show me manners, I don't expect civility from them, I haven't expected civility from you in quite a while, I've known for a while you have humongous attitude problems, which considering you are a mother and are much older than me (i'm 18 years old) shows that you have maturity issues as well. Getting pissed off when somebody references autism and makes an autism joke is the opposite of maturity. Muting people without confirmed warning for 240 minutes, is the opposite of maturity.

    And by the way, I'm not a donor, that donor tag has been on there since It was gifted to me from an event winning. I have never put actual money in the server, which I most likely would have purchased life donor a long time ago if it weren't for the problems that arise when you and me are on the server at the same time. I hardly ever meet somebody in server that gets pissed at me for joking around, most people have a fun time joking around.

    You need professional help, and I hope this server does good, because I can tell Lima and Kerr put a lot of effort into it already, but it doesn't need a stuck up admin who has a superiority complex handing out mutes and bans for stupid reasons.

    Like you always say in server "I need some ♥♥♥♥ing coffee before I deal with you little shits". Go get some ♥♥♥♥ing coffee, and grow the ♥♥♥♥ up. It's disappointing. Have a good day, btw Autism jokes coming from a person with High functioning autism (myself).

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    If you can't hear an admin, there's a problem.  If there's something you need to know from an admin, like it or not, you need to be able to hear it.  Usually on our servers we try to keep the mic open every once and a while.  Time flies when you're having fun, and sometimes you won't notice that you were talking for 20 minutes straight, it's happened to me before.  We all need to be responsible for our own actions.

    I've heard from other Trials and Admins that she told you kindly to chill on the mic.  I know how she works, and I hardly believe she's got a grudge with you.  I do however believe she has a firm hand dealing with repeat offenders because they didn't learn the first time.  I would as well.

    Believe it or not admin disrespect, in general, is reportable.  Anything to defame or abuse admins is a no-no, the same is with any other player on this server.


    Autism jokes, though they may just be viewed as joke, could upset other traders and collapse the community.  It doesn't matter if you don't care, because people struggle with mental diseases, and may not be dealing with it as well as you are.  There are a lot of personalities at play here, and we wish to make the server a better place.


    Honestly, this attitude will get you nowhere, and I suggest you take a break from the server.  If you're going to give me the reason of "Eye for and eye" with this whole respect thing, that alone is immature, and causes more problems. This arising of trouble you speak of could quite possibly be taking these things personally yourself.  It doesn't always gotta about be you, and as long as you know for a fact that you're not doing something wrong, you probably would've been a lot less hostile in your response.


    She's just doing her job as an admin, and sometimes she's gotta be the ♥♥♥♥ that tells people no, that's just the reality of it.  I wish for you to come back with a clear head and understand the rules of our server.

    All that's left is a higher-up's response, and we'll see what happens.

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    I totally agree with everything Chaos said. You most definately need some time away from both the servers and the discord.


    The fact that you are arguing your innocence in a way that degrades a respected admin within the community, basically shows that you have no remorse for your actions and obviously no respect for those chosen to moderate and run the servers.


    While I am on the subject, I might add this as well.

    It was mere days ago where I told you to drop a subject on the discord due to a member feeling upset at the topic, only to be ignored and have the sorrowed member insulted, calling them a 'pedo'. This member came onto mic crying about what you had called them.


    Again, I really think you need some time away to really think about what has been said/done, come back with a clear head and maybe even a heart-felt apology to those hurt by your words.


    - Roosef

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    @ElementOfChaos I deleted your first comment as it had no substance in relation to this report. If you have actual facts or evidence of disruptions within the community relating to this report, then you may add to it, otherwise I suggest you leave the pitchforks at the door.


    I edited your comment @WayneTF2 as the last bit of language was not necessary.


    I would like to hear honestly from @Tubesock about what he saw when he was on the server and what he feels could have/should have happened in regards to punishments.

    Was the punishment agreeable to you?

    What is your version of events?



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    While i was on the server Wayne and Bonk were there and they were talking about Dragon dildos joking around with each other things were goin fine. But the two of them kept talking with no breaks between the exchanges so there was no room for someone to slide in and advertise. So freak put in chat several times and in different ways to try and get their attenion. She sent the type of message you have to close yourself asking them to take an easy on the mic but the talking continued. So freak muted Wayne so she can talk to them and get their attention. She told them about why she muted him and was talking to them about how they were spamming the mic.

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    I didn't issue any punishment due to the fact that because Wayne feels there is a 'personal issue' between us, I felt this would be better handled/decided by @KeRRR @LiMaaa or @Allanon. I just wanted to issue the report because I feel when I handle certain situations alone, whether it's gender related or simple fact of clashing personalities, it just gives those who are 'wrongdoers' another reason to add to the long list of hating Freakshow or supports their belief they were right about that 'bitch freakshow' the whole time.


    In the end I want the same outcome we should all want which is Wayne to not spam the mic. If Wayne had any integrity he would know what he did was wrong and show some remorse, maybe even do the right thing and apologize. But as you can see Wayne doesn't feel he has done anything wrong and I feel will continue to abuse his mic until he is again muted and again retaliates by abusing an admin like myself unfairly for it.


    So I leave the 'solution' up to u guys, because honestly I do waaaaaay too much for EGC to have to tolerate this behaviour from Wayne or anyone.


    Freakshow is the world's biggest ♥♥♥♥, but not when u have a problem right? not when u need someone to vent you rl issues to? not when u want prizes and events?


    P.S For someone who claims to have autism, it's disgusting you believe that using it as an insult is fine. We wouldn't accept it if what Wayne  were changing the word from 'autisic' to 'black', discrimination of ANY kind shouldn't be tolerated as clearly stated in the Server Rules.



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    I have read the comments and looked into this matter. Whilst I was not present for these altercations I do have an opinion and some advice on the matter.


    Firstly @MsFreakshow a 240 minute mute is almost 5 hours. That kind of mute plainly put is unnecessary. It's the type of mute I would expect if there was someone spamming horrible music and you were about to go to bed, so to make sure it doesn't happen whilst you were away you mute the person for 5 hours. I don't think that length of mute was warranted here, a 30 minute mute would have served it's purpose and given @WayneTF2 a heads up that something with his actions isn't okay, and possibly led to a confrontation / outcome. You should always try to remove your feelings from a decision before making it.


    @WayneTF2 I would like you to pay attention to some of the things brought up in this report. Clearly your view on what's acceptable on the server clashes with others opinions, now I'm not just talking about freakshow's view, but even third parties who have no personal issues or an biased opinions about you agree that whilst you were having general joking and banter, it was a little over board and didn't leave room for others to advertise efficiently. There is a fine line between conversation and spam, I do not think we have to be too vigilant in people having a laugh and it's OK to sometimes let it go on and let people have fun. That being said, if more than one person, in this case probably a couple feel that others cant advertise you should have received freakshow's warnings well, because she did give you multiple warnings fairly to alert you there was an issue before she even thought of muting you.


    As for the Kitty incident, I was actually informed by 3 people that your comments towards her were offensive, she works in child care and she takes accusations of pedophilia very seriously, whether you intended it as a joke or not, it made someone so upset they were in tears, that shows that your behavior Wayne, whilst you may think is acceptable crosses the line often enough to upset people and that's not okay, you need to look at that and change it.


    Do I think Freakshow has a personal vendetta against you? Short answer, No. I do however think that she see's you as one of those players who does not respect her admin position or that she is capable of making unbiased and fair decisions. I think it's fair to say you have that opinion and I think there lies the issue. If you have an opinion that an admin is out to get you, that they simply don't like you or that they "single you out" whenever you are on, you are going to clash with that person. There is a lot of talk about maturity but the mature approach would be to contact that admin and talk about any underlying issues there may be. It isn't always an admins job to contact a player and resolve any hostility or issues between them, players can do the same, and that is how issues like this are resolved. I know freakshow, if you contact her on steam and tell her how you feel and have a conversation to come to an understanding on why you think she acts the way she does towards you she is more than likely going to clear up some misconceptions and even respect the fact you made an effort to resolve it.


    In regards to the discord conversations, feel free to vent how you feel, we are an open community and as long as you do it politely we have no qualm with people venting their feelings. Perhaps there is a better choice of words that ♥♥♥♥y as used on discord. I know you were probably frustrated but you can't expect someone to receive that comment well when you refer to them as ♥♥♥♥y. There are better ways to communicate your issues or resentment towards someone, perhaps as mentioned above by actually taking the mature approach and contacting them to talk about it or let them know exactly where you stand and how you feel, you would be surprised how many issues can be simply resolved with communication.


    I will wait on @Allanon and @KeRRR to read this reply before this report is dealt with.


    TL:DR: Freakshow's mute was excessive, that being said Wayne's behavior has effected more than one person and shows that at times he comes across as offensive. His references to admins are disrespectful and unnecessary at times and he should definitely change that approach by communicating with those he has issues with to come to a resolution instead of holding it in, until it forms into resentment.

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    While I agree with what has been said and will follow if needed in the future, in my defense the only reason I gave such an excessive mute is because this has been Wayne's 5th mute and that's only times I've muted him.

    It's because I'm so patient and understanding that I don't issue him with more.

    However I do agree that perhaps in this situation as you pointed out that I feel disrespected by Wayne and of course like any human being reacted as such.

    I do believe people who has a history of excessive mutes should be given longer mutes as 30 min mutes each time they do it clearly doesn't seem to work, however I will make every effort to make sure my mutes from now on 'fit the crime' so to speak and make sure they're not excessive as was the case here.

    I thank everyone for their time and input, I appreciate any constructive criticism and ways of improving as Admin where I need to and hope over time I can handle situations as calmly and cooly as you guys. I'm glad you understand that there are sadly too many situations where I feel my gender is considered a weakness and people will use it to target and abuse. After a while this wears one thin understandably and I'm glad I have so many awesome Admin Bros to help and support me through it. I love and appreciate all the help and advice and will strive to be a better Admin.


    Thanks so much EGC Admins <3


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