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    Tally and Comatose

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    11:15 PM 9/01/2018

    This night (^^^^^) Tally (also known as Jim) and Comatose (a friend of Jim most obviously both in a discord, chatting whilst in the server) joined and disrupted the server and its players.
    Demo recorded and supplied below.

    Comatose STEAM_0:1:42975307
    * Constant talking on mic and not stopping from talking to let others trade on mic
    * Forcing player luigi to break rules (ie mic spamming and continued to after the demo)
    * After the demo, he continued to talk crap on mic about his shitty game joke and took up mic

    Tally (also known as Jim) STEAM_0:1:80061102
    * Constant talking on mic and not stopping from talking to let others trade on mic
    * Mic spamming
    * Using a alternative account STEAM_0:1:170584552 <- main (dont know if this is really a offence but he did it anyway)
    P.S. Jim has had past bans and offences, talk to Munt3d if you want in-depth info about him

    P.S. I made this report drunk so... yeah....


      Reported Player Details
    Name: Tally and Comatose
    SteamID: .
    Offence: Other
    Location: Servers

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    Changed Status to Under Review

    I will review the chat logs and get back to you.

    Next time try a third party video recorder like fraps.

    You can add multiple steam ids separated by a comma (or I may make a multiple section for them).

    Example: STEAM_0:1:42975307, STEAM_0:1:80061102


    Thanks for the report Hazz. :martini:

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    I could not find much on the side of chat logs (I assume they were mainly using mic). Next time, make sure it records and thanks for your efforts!

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