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    Muted me for talking over her which i can agree is reasonable even though we started talking at the same time, she was very rude to me especially when I tried to give constructive criticism ill get back to that, she and some other people started to use the trade servers mic for purposes other than trading they were discussing csgo teams which has nothing to do with tf2 also it was stopping people for being able to trade over the mic, when I tell her she just muted me for interrupting her but she muted me under the reason of mic spam that that was kind of hypocritical of her to mute me for "mic spam" yet continue to mic spam with other players when I told her this she said she doesn't care about my opinions then she said "nobody else was trading at that time" which I responded to by saying nobody was trading for fear of being muted for interrupting her and the others then I got muted again for disrespect of an admin because I called her a bitch because she wouldn't take criticism or listen to the ideas or opinions of fellow players

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    Name: Ms Freakshow
    SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008028873/
    Offence: Offensive Behaviour
    Location: Servers

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    There's probably a whole other story for the 1st one, but the second one there is no reason for calling her a bitch. Even though I have no part in this I just wanted to say. Thanks


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    Was answering question for someone else on the server already, he joins the server and talks over me. Was asked twice nicely to stop and didn't earning a mute. He is correct I should have put the reason 'talking over others' but I was dealing with other issues and people on the server at the time and it was easy. His mute was 30 min, however after approx 10-15 I removed his mute. The server began to discuss csgo teams and I occasionally joined in (never once over anyone trying to advertise because I have manners and respect for others of course). It got a little rowdy and I asked the whole server nicely to 'chill on mic'. Pope took this as an opportunity to tell me I broke rules discussing other topics to trading, I tried explaining it was never over others etc but he constantly kept talking over me so I stopped. He asked if he could give me some criticism, a person who not only earned a mute within 10 seconds of joining the server but that never been on the server before wanted to criticize ME? lol I told him straight up I didn't care about his opinion and to get on with trading several times, eventually he called me enough bad names for TRAVIE to mute him for 'Admin Disrespect'. I didn't want to waste my time/energy trying to reason with Pope. He had a chip on his shoulder from his initial mute and was looking for any reason to be combative with me specifically.

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    I looked over this, talking off topic about csgo or other games is fine as long as you give people a chance to advertise. Both freakshow and travie have been around the servers long enough to know how to do this efficiently. I believe you are misguided in your assumption that all conversation topics need to be related to trading. Calling someone a bitch is not on and I am going to dismiss this report.



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