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  • [GodStab] Yellow Kitty

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    While he was on US West, he was originally spamming noise makers. Once Summer and I started warning him, he then claimed we were "abusing our ranks." He completely ignored Summerwave up until summer had to resort to text, only to continuing arguing about the noisemaker spam despite being kicked for it atleast twice beforehand. After this, he started playing Spy with an insanely glitchy backstabbing. Summer believes it to be abusing cl_interp, so the spy can get easy lagstabs. In the demo, you should be able to see him backstab people from meters away, rapidly switch his view in different directions, and get backstabs that weren't possible. 


      Reported Player Details
    Name: [GodStab] Yellow Kitty
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:440191781
    Offence: Glitching (map, server, etc)
    Location: Servers

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    It's taken a while but we've decided that cl_interp abuse in the way this user was, would count as exploitation. Similar to console commands that allow you to view invis spies, etc, where while it's a non-cheat command, isn't an intended function of the game, and provides an unfair advantage against legitimate players. The user hasn't joined since december, and as such, we won't provide a punishment this time, though in the future this will be treated as exploitation.

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