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    Since I'm stupid and instead of doing it on screen recording mode, all you can see is the gameplay and not the trades but the rules were: first to 3 spycrabs wins. He didn't count the first one for some reason, but I still won. The bet was my Anger versus his 4.77 in pure. After winning, I traded him and he just didn't do anything in the trade, except tell me that he won't give me the items and said "bb" and left. I normally have 2 recordings but taking into consideration that the trades can't be seen, one's useless. Also because it's bandicam you can't skip to a point in the video, unfortunately. He also left the server not much time after losing.


      Reported Player Details
    Name: Dr. Galaxy
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:124810368
    Offence: Spycrab Fraud
    Location: Servers

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    I will highly recommend that in future, you use server chat for the agreements when it comes to spycrabbing or at bare minimum you need to screenshot the agreement in the trade window.

    Because your recording software did not record anything from the trade overlay, we have no idea what was agreed apon regarding the spycrab (amount, conditions ect). Stock rules for a spycrab is first to 3 looses and without a confirmation proving that this spycrab is first to 3 wins, it is arguable regarding the results. Chat logs are basically empty aswell.


    Due to lack of documentation, this report will be closed.

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