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  • phatcow7
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    This is gonna be a long one.

    i was on the server us west spycrabbing for a craft hat the score was 1-0 1-1 2-1 3-1.

    the person i was crabbing.

    i then got accused from dr.blyte that i was cheating. he then called me a scammer for no reason because i had 99 keys in stock. he then called me a ♥♥♥♥ and kept going on with his stupid bullshit.

    i am also going to report 3 people but for now this is a report for dr.blyte.

    he has been also been taking advantage. when admins are on for example freak show he acts nice and doesnt swear or call me a scammer.

    when they are gone he starts calling me a ♥♥♥♥ and i should get banned from egc. he said that on the mic i got a recording.

    thats all for now got 2 more reports coming your way


      Reported Player Details
    Name: Dr blyat
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:51485702
    Offence: Offensive Behaviour
    Location: Servers

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    I have deleted all the stupid comments, ALL OF THEM!


    This is a report, not an opportunity for you @DrBlyat to have a bitch at phatcow and get your mate on board to just down rep everything. Phatcow made a legitimate report (although it lacked any serious evidence to lead anywhere), you abuse him when admins aren't around, regardless if you think its justified. Now you guys want to hate each other be my guest, but stop publicly mocking him on the servers with things like phat♥♥♥♥ etc. That is going from banter and light trolling to abuse and it will get you banned if you continue!


    Telling people he sharked or scammed people is against the rules, its defamation and you are purposely trying to ruin his reputation and derail his trading status. This can also get your banned.


    As for @realjerryhours why are you here in a report that has nothing to do with you down repping everything that goes against your friend? That to me looks like you are abusing the rep feature.


    Everyone deserves respect, regardless if they are admin, it should be a given until someone proves to you they don't deserve it, I haven't seen phatcow do anything in particular to deserve the kind of treatment you are giving him. Get over it, if you don't like him don't talk to him, or come to his reports if you aren't involved.


    I am going to dismiss this report because you are all just here to take out your frustrations at each other by using the report feature to do so, that's not on. If you abuse the rep feature again @realjerryhours as you did in this report I'm going to ban you from the forums all together.


    If you insinuate or attempt to defame someone @DrBlyat by implying they sharked or scam someone without proof I am going to ban you from the servers. If you have a legitimate concern gather evidence and make a report like phatcow did. If he can do it, i'm sure you can to.


    As for this report it's dismissed, but heed my advice above @DrBlyat if you continue abusing someone because you don't like them and involving yourself with them you are simply going to be removed from the servers. There is no justification to your behavior, you are being immature and toxic, other people on the servers who are trying to chill have to endure it. If you don't want to hear phatcow, mute him client side and your problem is solved.


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